Colorado River Fishery Project
Mountain-Prairie Region
Vernal Staff
Top Row left to right: David Beers, Mark Fuller, Frank Pfeifer, and Sam Finney
Front Row left to right: Dolores Manning and Tim Modde.

Frank Pfeifer: Project Leader:

Frank manages the Vernal Colorado River Fish Project which conducts research and management projects aimed at recovering four endangered Colorado River Basin fishes. In addition to managing the CRFP, Frank also manages the Ouray National Fish Hatchery that produces razorback sucker for reintroduction into the Green River. He represents the Service on the Biology Committee of the Upper Colorado River Recovery Program. He has fifteen years experience dealing with endangered fish of the Colorado River system and 30 years experience with the Fish and Wildlife Service. Frank is a American Fisheries Society member and Certified Fisheries Scientist.

Tim Modde: Assistant Project Leader:

Tim supervises the field activities of the Vernal Colorado River Fish Project. As a biologist for the Colorado River Fish Project the last 13 years, Tim has participated in the development of flow recommendations for the Yampa, Duchesne and White rivers and is also involved in floodplain enhancement projects, working with the Ouray National Wildlife Refuge and the Bureau of Land Management to benefit endangered fishes in the Green River subbasin.

Sam Finney: Fishery Biologist:

Sam participates in all station field projects, and is specifically responsible for nonnative fish management and mark-recapture population estimate studies. Sam's main interests lie in movement and habitat use of wild and hatchery endangered fish, nonnative fish management and the interactions of nonnative and native fish, and the statistical modeling of populations. Sam is an active member of the American Fisheries Society.

Mark H. Fuller: Fishery Biologist:

Mark coordinates several nonnative fish management projects in the Upper Colorado River basin in Colorado and Utah. He is responsible for projects designed to minimize adverse non-native fish interaction with endangered Colorado pikeminnow, razorback sucker, bonytail and humpback chub. In addition he provides support to habitat protection, population monitoring, and propagation activities. He serves as a motor boat operator certification course instructor and as the station safety officer.

Dave Beers: Fisheries Technician:

Dave oversees the maintenance of all station equipment, and plans and supervises safety on all river trips. During the summer Dave is usually somewhere on one of the four rivers the Vernal CRFP has projects.

Dolores Manning: Administrative Officer:

As the administrative officer, Dolores is responsible for all office administrative issues at the CRFP station. Dolores is usually the first person contacted in an inquiry to the station.

Last updated: April 6, 2011