Colorado River Fishery Project
Mountain-Prairie Region
Vernal Floodplain Restoration

Habitat enhancement in the Green River subbasin has also addressed floodplain restoration. Inundated floodplains provide critical nursery and adult habitat for endangered fishes. Floodplain restoration actions have included breeching or removal of several levees to increase the frequency floodplain connection to the river, and improvement of water control structures to increase management options on the Ouray National Wildlife Refuge and adjoining Bureau of Land Management lands on the Green River. In addition, wildlife easements are purchased from willing landowners to increase river connection to important floodplains. Research by the Vernal CRFP and other program participants has shown that floodplains will play a major role in recovery of endangered fishes.

Razorback Sucker with transmitter attached to it's back

Last updated: April 6, 2011