Colorado River Fishery Project
Mountain-Prairie Region

Vernal Colorado River Fishery Project

The Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance program fills a vital role in restoring and maintaining the health of the nation's fish and wildlife resources. Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance biologists monitor the health of fish and wildlife resources, diagnose ailments, prescribe remedies, refer specific problems to specialists, and coordinate diverse efforts to restore and maintain health. The program helps avoid listing actions under the Endangered Species Act.

The Colorado River Fishery Project (CRFP) assesses impacts of water development projects on endemic fish species of the Upper Colorado River system including the middle Green, White, Duchesne, and Yampa rivers. Species specifically impacted include the endangered Colorado pikeminnow, bonytail, humpback chub, and razorback sucker. Project activities include basinwide monitoring programs for the endangered fishes and their habitats, management-oriented research activities, instream flow assessments and recommendations, database management and data analyses, and experimental population augmentation and restoration programs.


Last updated: April 6, 2011