Schoolyard Habitat Program

Preparing for Schoolyard Habitat Planting Day [Credit: USFWS]
Schoolyard Habitat Planting Day [Credit: USFWS]

What is a Schoolyard Habitat Project?

A U.S. Fish and Wildlife schoolyard habitat project is a naturalized habitat area that is: created by students, for students, ecologically sound, provides habitat for local native plant and wildlife species, acts as an outdoor classroom for students, is integrated into the curriculum and designed to encourage long-term stewardship. Typical projects created through this program include oak woodland, riparian and coastal sage brush communities.

Getting Started

The first step to creating a successful Schoolyard Habitat is developing a team that included students, teachers, parents, school staff and community members who will ensure the project is created with the full participation of the school.


Schools serving kindergarten through 12th grade students are eligible for technical assistance and funding up to $8,000 for their projects.  Schools must be working cooperatively with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife to be eligible for funding consideration.

Benefits of a Schoolyard Habitat

Benefits of an Outdoor Classroom

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