Existing Phenology Gardens

Santa Paula Boys and Girls Club
Santa Paula Boys and Girls Club was planted on January 18, 2012. Site Director Maricela Juarez lead the effort. Club members learned about native plants and animals during classroom presentations. Older club members taught the younger members how to dig holes and plant the plants in the new garden. Older members continue to care for the garden, including watering and weeding, and they collect phenology data for Nature’s Notebook. The community has supported the garden and added additional plants, equipment and supplies. The plants are doing really well under the existing oak tree canopy!
Piru Elementary School
Piru Elementary School: was planted October 18, 2010. Raymond, a teacher at the school, helped lead the effort to plant a phenology garden with his students and other classes. The garden was planted near the campus farm. Lots of pollinators, including butterflies and hummingbirds, are attracted to the native plants. Students learned about native plants and animals, including local pollinator species before planting. On June 5, 2012 a Schoolyard Habitat was also planted onsite. The school plans to replace many of the landscaped areas with native plants to provide habitat for native species, save water, and provide additional outdoor learning spaces.
UCLA Lab School
UCLA Lab School: was planted January 12, 2011. The main courtyard in front of school was replanted with native species. After planting, students went on a nature walk to identify birds on campus with biologists from the Ventura Fish and Wildlife office. On January 10, 2012 a Schoolyard Habitat was planted onsite along the natural creek that flows through campus. The project has been completed with the help of Santa Monica Baykeeper.
Veterans Home of California, Ventura
Veterans Home of California, Ventura: In partnership with University of California Master Gardner’s program, a phenology garden was planted on January 14, 2011. The garden is cared for by residents of the Veteran’s Home and volunteer Master Gardeners. A vegetable and ornamental gardening program was already up and running onsite. The addition of the phenology garden has attracted many species of local wildlife, including hawks and gophers. A mature toyon plant is monitored every week for Nature’s Notebook.
Fremont Intermediate School
Fremont Intermediate School: was planted on February 2, 2010 with the help of teacher Berry Schiffman. The students already cared for a pollinator garden and fruit trees on campus as a part of Mr. Schiffman’s class. A native plant section was added to the garden for phenology with the help of multiple classes.
Rio Lindo Elementary School
Rio Lindo Elementary School: was planted on June 17, 2010. Teacher Alfonso Ruiz lead the effort for the school.
Blanchard Elementary School
Blanchard Elementary School: was planted on January 18, 2011. Principal Patti Fullbright endorsed the effort. Students learned about native plants and animals during campus-wide presentations. Students did writing and art projects about their favorite native plants and animals . Many classes of different ages participated in planting day.
Lemonwood Elementary School
Lemonwood Elementary School: was planted March 2, 2010. Teacher Lynn Coleman lead the planning and planting day for the school. Many classes participated in planting day. Planter boxes for vegetables and flowers were already onsite. Native species were planted under the canopy of large shade trees behind the classrooms.
Rose Ave Elementary School
Rose Ave Elementary School: was planted on March 3, 2009. This was our first phenology garden. Students heard presentations on wildlife and plants from biologists with the Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office. Many of the plants were actually propagated onsite and planted in the garden. California poppies and blue-eyed grass were popular with the students.
Fillmore Middle School
Fillmore Middle School: was planted February 16, 2010. Teacher Laurie Merrill lead the effort. The phenology garden is planted behind her 7th grade science classroom. Students care for the garden and monitor phenology for Nature’s notebook. Multiple classes participated in presentations on native plants and animals, planting day and phenology collection activities. Students have also planted a vegetable garden to make their own salsa, and plan to create a peace meadow behind the classroom.
McKinna Elementary School
McKinna Elementary School: was planted February 26, 2010. Teacher Nancy Karnoski lead the effort for the school. Before planting day, students heard presentations about wildlife, the Mediterranean climate and phenology.
Tierra Vista Elementary School
Tierra Vista Elementary School : was planted May 6, 2011. Teacher Nannette Melero lead the effort for the school. Students in the GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program concentrate on phenology. Multiple classes participated in planting day and heard presentations on native wildlife and plants. The Boys and Girls Club at the school has helped to care for the garden. Students collect data for Nature’s Notebook. During the Sping of 2012, older students collected phenology data, then taught the younger students about the native species and phenology. A Schoolyard Habitat is being created onsite to provide habitat for native plants and wildlife.
Sierra High School
Sierra High School: on October 1, 2011 a Schoolyard Habitat was planted. Teacher Laura Todis has lead the effort in partnership with Fillmore Unified School District. Students prepared reports on local native plants and animals. They invited the press and school district officials to attend the opening ceremony for the Habitat. The students are learning about phenology in their Environmental Science class, and collect data for Nature’s Notebook.
Sequoya Elementary School
Sequoya Elementary School: was organized by Master Gardener Jill McCarther. Biologists with the Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office helped with phenology education and planting day. A Schoolyard Habitat has also been planted onsite to provide habitat for native species.
Matilija Jr. High School
Matilija Jr. High School: on February 3, 2012 a Schoolyard Habitat was planted in partnership with the Surfrider Foundation. Every 7th grade student in the school participated in planting day and a phenology monitoring day. The school entered so much phenology data to Nature’s Notebook that they were #5 in the nation during the month of April 2012.
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