Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office
Pacific Southwest Region

Children & People in Nature

Spending time outside is fun for the whole family. And it doesn't have to be somewhere far from home. It can be simple and safe:

  • Take a walk in the forest
  • Lie on your back in your backyard and watch the clouds roll by
  • Turn over rocks in a stream and look for critters
  • Climb a tree
  • Fish at a local lake
  • Draw a picture of a tree and all the animals that live in it
  • Picnic at a local park

Whether it is your own backyard, a local community park or a national wildlife refuge, there are lots of outdoor places you can visit. Start by doing something small, and see what happens from there! The possibilities are endless.

MISSION: Working with others to provide meaningful, enjoyable experiences in the outdoors for people of all ages that connect them with nature, foster a conservation ethic and assist the USFWS in accomplishing its mission and conserving the nature of America.

VISION: We see our work resulting in all individuals and communities gaining a greater connection with nature, sense of place, respect for their environment, and a lifelong interest in and participation in the conservation, protection, and enhancement of fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats.

  1. Educate and motivate our current and future workforce;
  2. Build partnerships and resources;
  3. Develop programs and special activities;
  4. Communicate our mission and vision with individuals and communities in the VFWO area of responsibility;
  5. Build a supportive organizational structure.
  1. Develop new and support existing programs that involve and encourage people as they relate to exploration of the wonders of biological diversity and its conservation;
  2. Promote and provide conservation‐based activities (especially in underserved and minority areas) that incorporate mentor/mentee opportunities, opportunities for ongoing;
    family participation and a shared sense of ownership in the well‐being of the community;
  3. Create and provide curriculum‐based activities and workshops for teachers and educators to inspire and build capacity for greater use of the outdoors at their schools, in local neighborhoods, and their landscape;
  4. Participate in and encourage the design of places that allow for unstructured interactions with the local environment;
  5. Improve communication and outreach with the public within the VFWO area of responsibility to enable the public to learn more about our work and how they can participate in achieving our USFWS mission;
  6. Facilitate capacity building (such as pursuing funding opportunities) and provide support to VFWO staff, Pacific Southwest Region, and our partners in our collective effort to connect people with nature.
Last updated: May 19, 2011