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Conservation Partnerships

The Conservation Partnerships Program is a collection of voluntary habitat restoration programs with the goal of restoring native habitats of California’s ecosystems through collaborative partnerships. This program seeks to implement comprehensive conservation efforts for the benefit of native habitats by working cooperatively with private landowners, community groups, conservation organizations, and other government agencies. The Conservation Partnerships Program can provide cost-share funds and technical assistance to our partners.  Our biologists can also provide information on habitat restoration techniques, native species, additional funding sources, as well as information about Safe Harbor Agreements, Conservation Banking, and required permits. Click here [pdf] to read the VFWO Conservation Partnerships Program fact sheet or to go to the Pacific Southwest Region Conservation Partnerships Program Homepage, click here.

We operate as a partner and not strictly as a funding agency. Our biologists work closely with the landowner and/or applicant to identify, develop, coordinate, and implement viable, community-based restoration projects. Our funding sources are limited, and we strive to develop cost-efficient projects that maximize our partners’ skills and resources. To this end, we are available to work with local partners to write grants, coordinate projects, and work with interested landowners to develop wildlife-friendly management practices.

The first step in becoming a partner is to contact our biologist with project ideas and questions.

Please contact:

Mary Root
Assistant Field Supervisor, Conservation Partnerships

By phone: (805) 644-1766, ext. 233

By mail:
2493 Portola Road, Suite B
Ventura, CA 93003

The Conservation Partnerships Program is a collection of voluntary habitat restoration programs with the goal of restoring California’s native ecosystems.

The Conservation Partnerships Program is comprised of the following:

Partners for Fish and Wildlife
Partners for Fish and Wildlife
Cost-sharing and technical assistance for long-term habitat restoration projects on private land
Ventura Partners For Fish and Wildlife Program
Pacific Southwest Region Homepage
National Homepage

Coastal Program
Coastal Program
An effort for coastal areas to identify important coastal resource problems and solutions, develop partnerships to carry out on-the-ground conservation projects, and encourage community action in high priority coastal areas
New VFWO Coastal Program
National Homepage

Coastal Programs in California:

The Conservation Partnerships Program may also provide technical assistance for the following programs:

National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program

North American Wetland Conservation Grants Program

National Fish Passage Program - National Page

National Fish Passage Program - Region 1 Page

Tribal Grants

San Francisco Bay Joint Venture

Intermountain West Joint Venture- California

Sonoran Joint Venture

Last updated: May 14, 2013