Santa Cruz cypress: USFWS
Santa Cruz cypress: USFWS


Through the Listing Program, the Service determines whether to add a species to the Federal lists of endangered and threatened wildlife and plants. Once listed, a species is afforded the full range of protections available under the Endangered Sspecies Act, including prohibitions on killing, harming or otherwise "taking" a species. In some instances, species listing can be avoided by the development of Candidate Conservation Agreements which may remove threats facing the candidate species.For species within the geographic area of responsibility of the Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office, staff research and develop proposals to list species as endangered or threatened. The impetus to list a particular species may come from private individuals, organizations, or other Federal and state agencies.

How Many and Which Species are Listed?

The Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office has all or parts of 11 counties in its area of responsibility including: the coastal counties from Santa Cruz County south to western Los Angeles County; the desert portions of Los Angeles, Kern, and San Bernardino counties; Inyo County; and Mono County south of Conway Summit. Our office is responsible for managing the protection of over 100 various species.

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