Utah Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office
Mountain-Prairie Region
Utah Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance Office - Federal Lands Assistance

Federal Lands Assistance - Working with federal land managers, such as the Department of Defense, in rangeland, wildlife and fish management on Federal lands and assisting National Wildlife Refuges to plan, manage, and restore fish, wildlife, and other natural resources.

The Utah Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance Office provides fish and wildlife assistance to the National Wildlife Refuge System through fish, wildlife, and habitat surveys; activities to protect, conserve, and enhance fish and wildlife populations and their habitats; preservation efforts of threatened, endangered, depleted, and native fish species and their habitats; effectively addressing invasive and nonnative species issues; and providing knowledge of baseline fishery and wildlife resources and requirements.

The Utah Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance Office also conducts fish, wildlife, waterfowl, and reptile surveys on 1 million acres of land on Hill Air Force Base. In addition, fishing ponds have been developed and managed on the Air Force Base to provide fishing opportunities for military personnel and their families.

Last updated: April 6, 2011