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Geocache Clue Sheet


We have created a way for you to use your gps units to explore the refuge. Try out the Mystery Geocache- it used to be called Virtual Geocaching but you really have to go outside and visit the refuge. It blends nature with technology and can be done any time of year. What is Mystery Geocaching? Mystery Geocaching is a high-tech scavenger hunt. It involves locating a specific landmark or feature on the refuge. It does not involve finding or leaving an item in a cache. This is a high-tech family friendly activity, using a hand-held Global Positiong System (GPS) unit to find a specific place on the refuge. Print the clue sheet, answer the questions, and turn it in at our office to get your prize. Here's what some of our geocachers had to say about the Mystery Geocache:

" Very proud to be the first time finder on this large and very rewarding multi-cache. I have seen some of these areas before but the majority of these sights were brand new. The trail in the Britton Ford Trail section is beautiful, and the view overlooking the Duck River Bottoms area is simply stunning. Thanks for putting this one together! "


"Spent two days in the Tennessee refuge, and it was awesome. I can only imagine the thrill when wifey and I return later this year to see the wildlife. The adventure and thrill of getting to all ten locations was culminated with the log signing, and getting to meet the one that actually established the cache for all to enjoy. While it was a long time coming, it was well worth the travel and time to grab a find on this one. Wifey is already enjoying her swag "gift". Once again, Thanks For The Cache!!!"


Placing or burying an item or container on the refuge is prohibited.


Link to TNWR Geocache Info - Geocache.com -- "MYSTERIES OF THE REFUGE"


Last updated: February 13, 2014