Role with the JFMP:

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Mathematical Statistician



B.S. (1977) Ohio State University, Natural Resources

M.S. (1979) Oregon State University, Forest Resources Management, Thesis title "Sapwood basal area as an indicator of individual tree growth"

M.S. (1983) Oregon State University, Statistics

PhD (1993) University of Washington, Statistics, Dissertation title "State-space modeling of salmon migration and Monte Carlo alternatives to the Kalman filter"

Previous Experience:

1979-1980 Timber cruising in California coastal redwoods (Natural Resources Management Corporation)

1983-1988 Biometrician for Indian fisheries programs in western Washington (Quileute Tribal Fisheries, and Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission)

1989-1991 Research assistant, spatial-temporal modeling of acid rain

1991-1993 Term employee for USFWS, modeling of coho salmon migration and harvest

1993-2003 Assistant and then Associate Professor, Statistics, University of Idaho

2003-2006 Senior Lecturer, Statistics and Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modeling, University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Selected Projects and Publications:

Newman, K.B., Fernandez, C., Thomas, L., and Buckland, S.T. 2008. Monte Carlo inference for state-space models of wild animal populations.'' Biometrics.

Buckland, S.T., Newman, K.B., Fern'andez, C., Thomas, L., and Harwood, J. 2007 . ``Embedding population dynamics models in inference''. Statistical Science, 22:44--58.

Newman, K.B., and Lindley, S.T. 2006. ``Accounting for demographic and environmental stochasticity, observation error and parameter uncertainty in fish population dynamics models''. North American Journal of Fisheries Management, 26: 685--701.

Newman, K.B. 2006. Invited Discussion of the Paper by K. Domijan, M. Jorgensen, and J. Reid, ``Semi-Mechanistic Modelling in Nonlinear Regression: A Case Study''. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics, 48: 393-413.

Newman, K.B., Buckland, S.T., Lindley, S.T., Thomas, L., and Fernandez, C. 2006. ``Hidden process models for animal population dynamics''. Invited Paper for Special Feature of Ecological Applications, 16: 74--86.

Thomas, L., Buckland, S.T., Newman, K.B., and Harwood, J. 2005. ``A unified framework for modelling wildlife populations''. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistic, 47: 19--34.

Buckland, S.T., Newman, K.B., Thomas, L., and Koesters, N.B. 2004. ``State-space models for the dynamics of wild animal populations''. Ecological Modelling, 171: 157--175.

Newman, K.B. 2003. ``Modelling paired release-recovery data in the presence of survival and capture heterogeneity with application to marked juvenile salmon." Statistical Modelling, 3: 157--177.

Newman, K.B., and Rice, J. 2002. ``Modeling the survival of chinook salmon smolts outmigrating through the lower Sacramento river system." Journal of the American Statistical Association, 97: 983--993.

Newman, K. 2000. ``Hierarchic modeling of salmon harvest and migration''. Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Sciences, 5:98--123.

Newman, K. 1998. ``State-space modeling of animal movement and mortality with application to salmon''. Biometrics, 54:274--297.

Newman, K. 1997. ``Bayesian averaging of generalized linear models for passive integrated transponder tag recoveries from salmonids in the Snake River''. North American Journal of Fisheries Management, 17:362--377.

Re-analysis of recoveries of coded-wire-tagged salmon to understand and quantify factors affecting survival during juvenile out-migration

Estimating and modeling abundance of delta smelt and other species identified as part of the pelagic organism decline in the California Delta.

Participation in two working groups of National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis: Inference for Mechanistic Models and Pelagic Organism Decline

Other Interests:

Family activities, downhill skiing, cooking Italian and Mexican cuisine, birding, travel, detective mysteries, golf

Contact Information:

Ken Newman
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
4001 N. Wilson Way
Stockton, CA 95205
(209) 334-2968 ext. 306
Email: ken_newman [just add]