Role with the AFRP:

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Habitat Restoration Coordinator assigned to the Feather, Yuba, Bear, and American Rivers.


Bear River


Ph.D. Fish Ecology (1998) University of California-Davis

M.S. Fish Ecology (1989) University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.S. Fisheries Management (1985) Ohio State University

Previous Experience:

Fishery Biologist, National Marine Fisheries Service, 1999-2007. Implemented the statutes and mandates of sections 7 and 10 of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to protect, conserve, and promote the recovery of Pacific salmonid fishes and the southern distinct population segment of North American green sturgeon in the California Central Valley and Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Served as the project manager/team leader for the complex section 7 consultation on the Operations Criteria and Plan (OCAP) for the Central Valley Project and State Water Project, and as the Sacramento Area Office Section 7 Coordinator.

Enviromental Specialist, Jones & Stokes Associates, 1997-1999. Assessed potential impacts of various actions (e.g., flood control projects, gravel mining, treated sewage discharge, etc.) on fishes, including State- and federally-protected species.

Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant and Fisheries Technician, various locations in Ohio, Alaska, Wisconsin, California, and Oregon, 1982-1997. Planned and conducted fisheries research projects: wrote project proposals, operated and maintained field and laboratory equipment (e.g. boats, fishing nets, electroshockers, snorkeling gear, flow meters, aquaria, etc.), supervised technicians/students, collected and analyzed data, wrote progress reports, theses/scientific papers, gave scientific talks. Assisted professors with teaching courses: lectured, led discussion and laboratory sections, and assisted with field trips for general biology, oceanography, fish ecology, and field research techniques courses.

Selected Projects and Publications:

Campbell, E.A. 1989. M.S. Thesis. Laboratory examination of size-selective predation by small walleye (Stizostedion vitreum) on yellow perch (Perca flavescens). University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Campbell, E.A., and D.L. Johnson. 1989. Intraperitoneal injection and hyperosmotic infiltration for administering antibiotic to largemouth bass. Progressive Fish-Culturist 51:29-33.

Campbell, E.A., and P.B. Moyle. 1991. Historical and recent population sizes of spring-run Chinook salmon in California. Pages 155-216 in T.J. Hassler, editor. Proceedings of the 1990 Northeast Pacific Chinook and Coho Salmon Workshop. American Fisheries Society and Humboldt State University. Arcata, California.

Campbell, E.A. 1998. Influence of streamflow and predators on habitat choice by trout. Ph.D dissertation. University of California-Davis.

Campbell, E.A. 1998. Predation by small walleyes on yellow perch: effects of prey size distribution. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 127:588-597.

Other Interests:

Hiking in Marin County, SCUBA diving, sailing

Contact Information:

Beth Campbell
4001 N. Wilson Way
Stockton, CA 95205
(209) 334-2968 ext. 402
(209) 403-1344 - Cellular
Email: elizabeth_campbell [just add]