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   Brenda Olson

Role with the AFRP :

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Habitat Restoration Coordinator, Anadromous Fish Restoration Program, Upper Sacramento River tributary streams.



M.S., 1997, Natural Resources, Freshwater Fisheries Management, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA.
Thesis Title: Freshwater Habitat Utilization of Juvenile Chinook Salmon (Onchorhyncus tshawtscha) in Camp Creek, Klamath Basin, California.

B.S., 1985, Range Management, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

Previous Experience:

1993 2005: District Fisheries Biologist, Salmon River Ranger District, Klamath National Forest. Salmon River has the largest wild spring-run Chinook population in the Klamath River Basin. Watershed restoration activities were a large part of the district fisheries and watershed programs, particularly minimizing sediment introduction through road

1989 1993: Orleans Ranger District, Six Rivers National Forest. Started out as a Forestry Tech working on my thesis and metamorphosed into the District Fisheries Biologist.

1985 1989: During this time period I worked in recreation, range, wildlife, and fisheries on the Los Padres, Eldorado, and Tahoe National Forests.

Selected Projects and Publications:

Elder, D., B. Olson, A. Olson, P. Brucker, and J. Villeponteaux. 2002. Salmon River Subbasin Restoration Strategy: Steps to Recovery and Conservation of Aquatic Resources. Fish and Wildlife Service Interagency Agreement 14-48-113333-98-H019.

Other Interests:

Contact Information:

Brenda Olson
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
10950 Tyler Road
Red Bluff , CA 96080-7762
(530) 527-3043   ext.  N/A
Email: brenda_olson  [just add]

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