The Anadromous Fish Restoration Program

Tuolumne River

map of watershed showing location of dams and major roads

Watershed Information

Species 1967-1991 Baseline Target 1992-2009 Average Increase Percent Change
fall-run Chinook salmon 18,949       38,000       7,186       -11,763       -62.1      
  Watershed area:   1,540 square miles
  Watershed Priority:  high
  Total storage:  2,777,000 acre-feet
  Historic:   99 miles  
  Current:   47 miles  ( 47.5 %)
     Pat Brantley
     Michelle Workman
     Rick Burmester
     Zac Jackson
  Projected number of restoration projects:   30   Projected total cost of restoration:   $105,000,000.00
  Total invested to date:  AFRP    $7,870,729.00  other    $35,578,387.00



1996 - 1997 Lower Tuolumne River restoration plan scoping summary and proposed work plan.   7/27/2010
1997 - 2001 Tuolumne River: Special Run Pool 9 Long-term Habitat Restoration Project.   7/27/2010
1997 - 2004 Restore the 7/11 Segment of the Mining Reach.   7/27/2010
1998 - 2000 Acquire a riparian easement and restore Grayson River Ranch (GRR) on the Tuolumne River.   7/27/2010
1998 - 2003 Assist with peer review process for Tuolumne River Technical Advisory Committee (TRTAC) supported monitoring efforts.   7/27/2010
1999 - 2006 Restore the Ruddy Mining Reach on the Tuolumne River.   7/28/2010
1999 - 2001 Update and Validate the Spawning Riffle Atlas for the San Joaquin Tributaries.   7/14/2010
1999 - 2000 Support programs to provide educational outreach and local involvement in restoration for teachers and students in the Lodi, Modesto and Merced unified school districts.   6/24/2010
1999 - 2001 Assist the Tuolumne River Technical Advisory Committee with Peer Review and Technical Outreach.   7/28/2010
2000 - 2004 Enhance salmon and steelhead/rainbow trout spawning habitat by adding gravel to three riffles below the Old La Grange Bridge on the Tuolumne River.   7/28/2010
2000 - 2003 Tuolumne River: Special Run Pool 10 Dike Repair and Pre-Project Monitoring.   7/28/2010
2000 - 2004 Study the feasibility of developing a long-term aggregate source for San Joaquin tributary channel restoration projects.   7/14/2010
2000 - 2005 Analyze Archived San Joaquin Basin Chinook Salmon Scale Samples and Develop a Comprehensive Database Accessible to Interested Parties (multi-year).   7/14/2010
2000 - 2004 Develop a sediment management plan for the Tuolumne River.   7/27/2010
2000 - 2004 Develop an adaptive management forum for large-scale restoration projects.   6/29/2010
2001 - 2006 Warner Deardorff Segment – Mining Reach Project No. 3 Tuolumne River Restoration Projects.   7/28/2010
2001 - 2003 Tuolumne River Watershed Outreach and Stewardship Proposal.   7/28/2010
2003 - 2007 Up-Migration and Straying of Tuolumne River Salmonids in Response to Fall Attraction Flows and Environmental Factors.   7/28/2010


Initial Scope of Work: Restore the Ruddy segment of the Mining Reach on the Tolumne River. 2000, 0.057 mb (.057 MB)

Tuolumne River Gravel Addition- Phase II Enhance salmon and steelhead/rainbow trout spawning habitat by adding gravel…, 0.009 mb (.009 MB)

Spawning Gravel Introduction, Tuolumne River, La Grange. 2000, 0.022 mb (.022 MB)

Lower Tuolumne River Adaptive Management Forum Report. October 1, 2001, 0.077 mb (.077 MB)

Initial Scope of Work: Tuolumne River sediment management and implementation plan. 2000, 0.073 mb (.073 MB)

A Summary of the Habitat Restoration Plan for the Lower Tuolumne River Corridor. March 1999 ()

Habitat Restoration Plan for the Lower Tuolumne River Habitat Restoration Plan for the Lower Tuolumne River Corridor ()

Initial Draft Scope of Work: Feasibility eval to develop long-term aggregate source, San Joaquin trib channel restoration projects. 2000, 0.015 mb (.015 MB)

Economic Impact on Stanislaus Co. of Public Land Acquisitions, Conservation Easements on Floodplain Lands Along Lower Toul. and SJR. December 2002 (ER 2002)

1976-1999 Scale Inventory by Size. July 21, 2003, 0.041 mb (.041 MB)

1976-1999 Scale Inventory by Watershed. July 21, 2003, 0.042 mb (.042 MB)

Phase II Informal Consultation, June 2003, 0.498 mb (.498 MB)

Tuolumne River Up-migration and Straying in Response to Fall Attraction Flows, 2003 Proposal ()

Tuolumne River Special Run Pool 9 Completion Overlay ()

Mining Reach - 7/11 Segment Final Report, 0.063 mb (.063 MB)

Adaptive Management Forum for Large-scale Channel and Riverine Habitat Restoration Projects Final Report. July 2004, 0.29 mb (0.29 MB)

Tuolumne River La Grange Gravel Addition Photo-journal and Report, 5.21 mb (5.21 MB)

Coarse Sediment Management Plan Revised July 2004, 16.64 mb (6.64 MB)

Tuolumne River Floodway Restoration, Feb 2004 ()

Tuolumne River, La Grange Gravel Addition Phase II Monitoring Report_12-20-2004 ()

CWT Evaluation Final - March 2005, 0.2 mb ( 0.2 MB)

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Actions and Evaluations

Status Description
Ongoing E4. Evaluate fall pulse flows for attraction and passage benefits to chinook salmon and steelhead.
Not Addressed E3. Evaluate the effects of flow fluctuations established by the guidelines of the FERC Settlement Agreement on spawning, incubation, and rearing of chinook salmon, and if substantial adverse effects are indicated, modify guidelines to reduce effects.
Ongoing E2. Evaluate and implement actions to reduce predation on juvenile chinook salmon, including actions to isolate "ponded" sections of the river.
Ongoing E1. Identify and implement actions to provide suitable water temperatures for all life stages of chinook salmon; establish maximum temperature objectives of 56 F from October 15 to February 15 for incubation and 65 F from April 1 to May 31 for juvenile emigration.
Not Addressed A6. Coordinate the AFRP with appropriate activities supported by the Riparian and Recreation Improvement fund that was established by the New Don Pedro Settlement Agreement.
Not Addressed A5. Establish a "streamwatch" program to increase public participation in river management.
Not Addressed A4. Support the Tuolumne River Interpretive Center.
Not Addressed A3. Screen all diversions to protect all life history stages of anadromous fish.
Ongoing A2. Improve watershed management and restore and protect instream and riparian habitat, including consideration of restoring and replenishing spawning gravel and performing an integrated evaluation of biological and geomorphic processes.
Not Addressed A1. Implement a flow schedule as specified in the terms of the FERC order resulting from the New Don Pedro Project (FERC Proceeding P-2299-024). Supplement FERC agreement flows with water acquired from willing sellers consistent with applicable guidelines or negotiate agreements as needed to improve conditions for all life history stages of chinook salmon.


7/11 Mining Reach restoration 711 Construction 711 Construction 711 Construction 711 Post-construction 711 pre-construction 711 pre-construction 7-11 restoration plan Aeiral phot M.J. Ruddy reach Aerial photo of Grayson River Ranch Aerial view of SRP 9 Grayson River Ranch Grayson River Ranch Habitat Restoration Plan cover Habitat Restoration Plan cover La Grange gravel infusion La Grange Gravel Introduction Site M.J. Ruddy reach North end of Warner-Deardorff pre-restoration Riparian corridor Special Run Pool 10 Special Run Pool 9 SRP 10 Levee Repair SRP 9 & 10 vision SRP 9 Construction SRP 9 Revegetation SRP 9 Revegetation Tuolumne River at La Grange Warner Deardorf restoration site Warner-Deardorff pre-restoration