The Anadromous Fish Restoration Program

Mill Creek

map of watershed showing location of dams and major roads

Watershed Information

Species 1967-1991 Baseline Target 1992-2009 Average Increase Percent Change
fall-run Chinook salmon 2,118       4,200       1,905       -213       -10.1      
spring-run Chinook salmon 2,202      4,400      1,235      -967       -43.9      
  Watershed area:   134 square miles
  Watershed Priority:  high
  Total storage:  0 acre-feet
  Historic:   44 miles  
  Current:   44 miles  ( 100 %)
     Brenda Olson
  Projected number of restoration projects:   >6   Projected total cost of restoration:   $5,000,000.00
  Total invested to date:  AFRP    $1,014,000.00  other    $885,000.00

Actions and Evaluations

Status Description
Complete E1. Develop and implement an interim fish passage solution at Clough Dam until such time that a permanent solution is developed and accepted by landowners.
Ongoing A4. Establish, restore, and maintain riparian habitat along the lower reaches of Mill Creek.
Not Addressed A3. Improve spawning habitats in lower Mill Creek for fall-run chinook salmon.
Ongoing A2. Preserve the habitat productivity of Mill Creek through cooperative watershed management and development of a watershed strategy.
Not Addressed A1. Continue to provide instream flows in the valley reach of Mill Creek to facilitate the passage of adult and juvenile spring-, fall- and late-fall-run chinook salmon and steelhead.


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