The Anadromous Fish Restoration Program

Deer Creek

map of watershed showing location of dams and major roads

Watershed Information

Species 1967-1991 Baseline Target 1992-2009 Average Increase Percent Change
fall-run Chinook salmon 766       1,500       845       79       10.3      
spring-run Chinook salmon 3,276      6,500      2,104      -1172       -35.8      
  Watershed area:   229 square miles
  Watershed Priority:  high
  Total storage:  0 acre-feet
  Historic:   40 miles  
  Current:   40 miles  ( 100 %)
     Patricia Bratcher
     Brenda Olson
As of September 2009, 2 AFRP projects on Deer Creek, funded in FY04 (Cone Kimball) and FY05 (Antelope and Deer Creek Fish Habitat Restoration, Deer Creek portion only), totaling approximately $63,000.00, were unfortunately not implemented (the FY05 project funds were diverted to the Antelope Creek portion of the project). A CALFED ERP Project, the Deer Creek Floodplain Feasibility Study, is nearly complete and will address both flooding and fisheries issues in the lower watershed including the need to address passage at dams and bridges; sediment routing; riparian habitat quantity and quality, and natural stream meander/access to the floodplain. Addressing the Army Corps of Engineer’s levee is also an element of the study; ACOE has plans to set back the levee as early as 2010. A Four Pumps project for bypassing flows from Deer Creek Irrigation District diversion is scheduled to begin in 2010. Passage at diversion dams continues to be a concern. Using only funding from AFRP projects as a criteria, it is estimated that 19% of the work needed to address Deer Creek (Final Restoration Plan) limiting factors and implement watershed actions has been completed; however, if one were to include funding from other sources, roughly 34% of the potential solutions to limiting factors have been addressed.
  Projected number of restoration projects:   17   Projected total cost of restoration:   $24,000,000.00
  Total invested to date:  AFRP    $1,086,525.00  other    $1,078,000.00

Actions and Evaluations

Status Description
Complete A5. Plan and coordinate required flood management activities with least damage to the fishery resources and riparian habitats of lower Deer Creek; and establish, restore, and maintain riparian habitat on Deer Creek.
Complete A4. Negotiate long-term agreements to restore and preserve riparian habitats along Deer Creek.
Not Addressed A3. Improve spawning habitats in lower Deer Creek for fall- and late-fall-run chinook salmon.
Ongoing A2. Develop a watershed management plan to preserve the chinook salmon and steelhead habitat in Deer Creek through cooperative watershed management.
Not Addressed A1. Acquire water from willing sellers consistent with applicable guidelines or negotiate agreements to supplement instream flows in the lower ten miles of Deer Creek to ensure passage of adult and juvenile spring- and fall-run chinook salmon and steelhead over three diversion dams.


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