The Anadromous Fish Restoration Program

Calaveras River

map of watershed showing location of dams and major roads

Watershed Information

Species 1967-1991 Baseline Target 1992-2009 Average Increase Percent Change
fall-run Chinook salmon 0       0       0                  
winter-run Chinook salmon 770      2,200      0      -770            
  Watershed area:   400 square miles
  Watershed Priority:  not designated
  Total storage:  325,000 acre-feet
  Historic:   38 miles  
  Current:   38 miles  ( 100 %)
     Donald Ratcliff
     Mike Healey
Plans are underway to remove passage barriers in the Lower Calavers River (Mormon Slough and the Old Channel.) SEWD is implementing interim screens at their Bellota intake and developing a Habitat Conservation Plan for listed steelhead. AFRP has funded repair and the fish ladder at the Bellota Weir and SEWD has rebuilt the approach pool at Beloow Weir to improve fish passage. AFRP funded a critical riffle analysis to determine limiting factors for adult passage. California Department of Fish and Game, California Dept. of Water Resources, Defenders of Wildlife, The Fishery Foundation of California and the University of the Pacific are active in the restoration of the Lower Calaveras River in cooperation with the AFRP.
  Projected number of restoration projects:   >3   Projected total cost of restoration:   $0.00
  Total invested to date:  AFRP    $469,779.00  other    $210,000.00

Actions and Evaluations

Status Description
Ongoing E2. Evaluate instream flow, water temperature and fish habitat use in the Calaveras River to develop a real-time management program so that reservoir operations can maintain suitable habitat when fish are present.
Not Addressed E1. Monitor sport fishing and evaluate the need for regulations to protect salmonids.
Not Addressed A4. Screen all diversions to protect all life history stages of anadromous fish.
Not Addressed A3. Facilitate passage of adult and juvenile salmonids at existing diversion dams and barriers.
Not Addressed A2. Provide flows of suitable water temperatures for all salmonid life stages.
Not Addressed A1. Supplement flows with water acquired from willing sellers consistent with applicable guidelines or negotiate agreements to improve conditions for all life history stages of chinook salmon.


Bellota Weir Belota Weir aerial photo Calaveras River at Hogan Dam Bridge flow 8500 cfs Calaveras River below New Hogan Dam Calaveres River Calaveres River at 500 cfs New Hogan dam