The Anadromous Fish Restoration Program

Antelope Creek

map of watershed showing location of dams and major roads

Watershed Information

Species 1967-1991 Baseline Target 1992-2009 Average Increase Percent Change
fall-run Chinook salmon 361       720       0       -361            
  Watershed area:   123 square miles
  Watershed Priority:  high
  Total storage:  0 acre-feet
  Historic:   32 miles  
  Current:   32 miles  ( 100 %)
     Patricia Bratcher
     Brenda Olson
The 1992-2007 average escapement for spring-run was 33 with as few as zero returning in 1994, 1997, and 2009 and as many as 154 in 1998. The CDFG Red Bluff Screen Shop constructed a new fish ladder at the Edwards Dam, valley floor, in fall, 2007, with AFRP FY05 funds. This new ladder replaced an older non-functioning denil-type ladder and was implemented via cooperative effort. Current (2009) plans are to implement the Juvenile Fish Passage Improvement Project at Edwards Diversion Dam, which will prevent out-migrating salmonids from becoming entrained in the two diversion canals at Edwards Diversion Dam. Although the canals are screened, no bypass system was installed during construction due to site complexity. FY08 funds were awarded to the Tehama County Resource Conservation District (TCRCD) to conduct a feasibility study to determine the best solution in getting out-migrating salmonids back into Antelope Creek and completing environmental documents. This project is a cooperative effort between the FWS, CDFG, NMFS, TCRCD, Los Molinos Mutual Water Company, and the Edwards Ranch. The environmental compliance documents should be completed in late FY09/early FY10. FY09 funds have been obligated for implementation. Construction is expected to begin the summer of 2010. This project will address Final Restoration Plan Action 1 for this watershed. A road crossing in the CDFG Tehama Wildlife Area (mid watershed) is currently a barrier to spring- and fall-run Chinook salmon during dry years in the spring and fall months. In FY08 this project received National Fish Passage Program funds to develop the environmental compliance and construction designs for the Antelope Creek Wildlife Crossing Repair Project. FY09 AFRP funds were added to this project to obtain formal permissions, permits, and complete a bid package for advertisement. This project will address Final Restoration Plan Action 1 for this watershed. FY2009 National Fish Passage Program funds are being be used to implement a geomorphological analysis of the lower watershed, where Antelope Creek breaks into several channels before reaching the Sacramento River, thereby creating a challenge for migrating anadromous fish (adults and fry). Results of the study will be used to identify restoration steps needed to improve passage. Using only funding from AFRP projects as a criteria, it is estimated that 10% of the work needed to address Deer Creek (Final Restoration Plan) limiting factors and implement watershed actions/evaluations has been completed; however, if one were to include funding from other sources, roughly 15% of the potential solutions to limiting factors have been addressed.
  Projected number of restoration projects:   2   Projected total cost of restoration:   $792,000.00
  Total invested to date:  AFRP    $102,000.00  other    $0.00


Real-Time Flow Monitoring Related To Spring-Run Chinook Salmon. 2000, 0.007 mb (.007 MB)

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Actions and Evaluations

Status Description
Not Addressed E1. Evaluate the creation of a more defined stream channel to facilitate fish passage by minimizing water infiltration into the streambed and maintaining flows to the Sacramento River.
Not Addressed A1. Supplement flows with water acquired from willing sellers consistent with applicable guidelines or negotiate agreements to allow passage of juvenile and adult spring-, fall- and late-fall-run chinook salmon and steelhead.


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