Stockton Fish and Wildlife Office
Pacific Southwest Region

female chinook salmon icon PROJECT DEVELOPMENT PROCESS

The AFRP does not solicit proposals through a formal Request For Proposal process. Instead, the AFRP works closely with local watershed groups and encourages partners to develop project ideas with the AFRP Habitat Restoration Coordinator (HRC) assigned to their watershed. The HRC is the person who will present a project idea to AFRP management and (if the project is subsequently funded) who will act as the project manager. Potential partners are thus encouraged to work with the appropriate HRC and their local watershed group to discuss a project concept before preparing their proposals. Projects can be considered for funding throughout the Federal Fiscal Year (which begins October 1), but the following information provides guidance on process and general timing to best insure that partners develop projects within a time frame consistent with the AFRP Annual Work Plan planning horizon.

Last updated: August 24, 2011