The Anadromous Fish Restoration ProgramThe Anadromous Fish Restoration Program is tasked by the Central Valley Project Improvement Act to:

“Make all reasonable efforts to at least double natural production of anadromous fish in California’s Central Valley streams on a long-term, sustainable basis.”


Central Valley Project Improvement ActCentral Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA) includes fish and wildlife protection, restoration, and mitigation as project purposes having equal priority with irrigation and domestic use and fish and wildlife enhancement as a project purpose equal to power generation.

AFRP Watersheds

AFRP projects and watersheds developed closely with local watershed group partners and their assigned AFRP Habitat Restoration Coordinator (HRC).

Final Restoration Plan

AFRP Final Restoration PlanThe Restoration Plan goals, objectives and strategies for increasing the natural production of Anadromous Fish in the Central Valley of California.

Additional AFRP considerations are found under Program Strategy, Implementation Principles and Implementation Approach.

The Working Paper

The Working Paper represents the best available information on the level of restoration needed to meet the goal of at least doubling natural production of anadromous fishes.

AFRP Partners

AFRP Conservation Partners AFRP Partners work together to achieve mutual goals and objectives that will increase available resources, improve communication, and increase public involvement and support through shared authority and ownership of restoration actions.