Stockton Fish and Wildlife Office
Pacific Southwest Region

female chinook salmon iconAFRP OVERVIEW: GOAL AND OBJECTIVES

The goal of the AFRP, is concurrent to section 3406(b)(1) of the CVPIA, to:


"develop within three years of enactment and implement a program which makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that, by the year 2002, natural production of anadromous fish in Central Valley rivers and streams will be sustainable, on a long-term basis, at levels not less than twice the average levels attained during the period of 1967-1991."

It defined natural production during the baseline period to be:


“that proportion of production not produced in hatcheries”

and defined production to be the:


number of fish that recruit to adulthood in a given year, including newly recruited fish that are harvested.

Section 3406(b)(1) also states that:


"this goal shall not apply to the San Joaquin River between Friant Dam and the Mendota Pool, for which a separate program is authorized under subsection 3406(c) of this title;"

CVPIA section 3406(b)(1)(A) directs the AFRP to:


give first priority to measures which protect and restore natural channel and riparian habitat values through habitat restoration actions, modifications to Central Valley Project operations, and implementation of the supporting measures mandated by this subsection;”

Six general objectives need to be met to achieve this program goal:

    1) Improve habitat for all life stages of anadromous fish through provision of flows of suitable quality, quantity, and timing, and improved physical habitat;
    2) Improve survival rates by reducing or eliminating entrainment of juveniles at diversions;
    3) Improve the opportunity for adult fish to reach their spawning habitats in a timely manner;
    4) Collect fish population, health, and habitat data to facilitate evaluation of restoration actions;
    5) Integrate habitat restoration efforts with harvest and hatchery management; and
    6) Involve partners in the implementation and evaluation of restoration actions.

Last updated: August 24, 2011