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The considerations for selecting projects to develop and fund by the AFRP are based on the strategies in the Revised Draft Restoration Plan. The strategies in the Restoration Plan were developed to guide implementation of all sections of the CVPIA that contribute to making all reasonable efforts to at least double natural production of anadromous fish. All of these sections are considered separate programs by Interior and each receives it's own budget allocation. Over the last several years, the AFRP has been allocated about three to five million dollars. The Report to Congress: Six-Year Plan and Budget for Implementing the Central Valley Project Improvement Act, Fiscal Years 1999-2004 (dated June 1999), indicates that the AFRP will be allocated about seven million dollars in each of the next three fiscal years. The considerations listed below will be used to help guide investment of funds allocated to the AFRP.

These considerations listed here include those considerations listed in Table 2 of the Six-Year Plan and Budget (also appears as Table 1 in Attachment G-2 to the CALFED 2001 Proposal Solicitation Package). The considerations in the Six-Year Plan and Budget were developed to assist in ranking specific projects within any program conducted under the CVPIA, and not all of these apply to the AFRP, as defined by the budget allocated to the AFRP by Interior.

Additional AFRP considerations are found under Program Strategy, Implementation Principles and Implementation Approach.

Other implementation considerations important in assessing projects are:

    Previous AFRP project investment
    Technical feasibility
    Timely implementation
    Legal, regulatory, or technical issues

Last updated: August 24, 2011