Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge
Pacific Southwest Region, California, Nevada & Klamath Basin

Rare Finds

On January 15, 2012, and adult gray morph Gyrfalcon was sighted on Stillwater refuge making this the first -ever documented species sighting in Nevada!

Observed by refuge biologist Bill Henry near Swan Lake boat ramp. The bird was subsequently seen perched or hunting the marsh coots by several experienced birders and other visitors over the next few weeks until a winter storm pushed it out of the area in February.

It was quite a thrill and attracted a flurry of winter visitors to the refuge hoping to add this beautiful raptor to their life lists.

Photo Credit: Greg Schyphers

The albino House Finch pictured below was found in Fallon, NV, on August 9, 2004. It was correctly identified by Bill Henry, FWS Biologist at Stillwater NWR, by the bird's song. Photo credit: USFWS

UPDATE: "Apparently, descendants of this bird are still in the area, with a few albino or partial albino finches observed as recently as summer, 2011; around the same yard and gardens as the firt sighting."

Albino House Finch, Credit:  USFWS

Last updated: April 17, 2012