Rio Grande by A. Molles
Middle Rio Grande Bosque Initative: FY 2006 Projects
Bird Populations, Nesting Success, and Habitats Before and After Fuel Removal and Exotic Plant Removal at 12 Riparian Sites along the Middle Rio Grande Southern portion of The City of Albuquerque to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station Ongoing Monitor vegetation, bird populations, and avian nesting success at high-fire risk sites following fuel removal and compare this data with pre and post removal data. Project will provide information on how to implement fuel removal projects while protecting biological diversity.
Middle Rio Grande River Bars and Long-duration Flooding: Effects on Distribution and Vegetation Composition of the Spring 2005 High Water Bernalillo to Belen University of New Mexico/Natural Heritage New Mexico Ongoing Use river bar vegetation maps from 2003/2004 post-flood aerial photography to evaluate effects of long-duration high flows of spring 2005 on river-bar biodiversity and structure.
River Bar Biodiversity Studies: Aerial Insects, Vegetation Structure and Bird Habitat - Part IV Albuquerque Overbank Project University of New Mexico/Natural Heritage New Mexico Ongoing Broaden biodiversity studies of river bars and Bosque to include bird surveys, transient wetland island bars, variety of vegetation zones, and to include replicate sites.
Bosque Hydrology Group, FLO-2D Workgroup Middle Rio Grande U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/Water Resources Division Continuous since 1996 Develop a symposium focusing on 2005 spring run-off, coordinate a 2-day symposium on all BIG funded projects over past 5 years, and update the BHG web page.
Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP): Science Section Middle Rio Grande Bosque University of New Mexico Continuous since 1998 To manage, analyze, interpret and report data collected from BEMP sites that reflect long-term ecosystem change in the Middle Rio Grande.
Bird and Vegetation Community Relationships in the Middle Rio Grande Bosque Middle Rio Grande Hawks Aloft, Inc. Continuous since 2003 Provide a 20-plus year comparison of changes in avian abundance and species richness, community/ structure types and to compare avian data to land-use data.
Monitoring the Effects of Wildfire on Avian, Arthropod, and Plant Communities along the Middle Rio Grande Middle Rio Grande USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station Ongoing Monitoring successional responses at multiple Bosque burn sites of several ecosystem components: exotic and native vegetation; species composition and growth; bird populations and species richness; nesting success; and arthropods.
FY 2006 Continued Monitoring of Rio Grande Silvery Minnow downstream of Ft. Craig, New Mexico, including the Elephant Butte Temporary Channel, Elephant Butte Delta, and Elephant Butte Reservoir Rio Grande at and upstream of Elephant Butte U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/Fishery Resources Office Ongoing Continue to document the presence/absence of Rio Grande silvery minnows downstream of current monitoring activities.
Use of Structure to Create Channel Diversity and Enhance Habitat for Aquatic Fauna in the Middle Rio Grande on the Pueblo of Isleta Isleta Pueblo Lands Pueblo of Isleta New To establish still or slow-water aquatic habitat diversity in the Middle Rio Grande by placing large cottonwood snags at strategic locations.
Phase II - Santo Domingo Tribe - Replanting and Revegetation Project Santo Domingo Tribal Lands Santo Domingo Tribe Ongoing To enhance wildlife habitat by increasing habitat diversity, to replant and re-vegetate approx. 130 acres of Bosque, create two wetlands, and to engage community youth in replanting efforts.
Mitchell Fire Restoration Project Socorro County, north of Highway 380 Save our Bosque Task Force New Conduct exotic species control/fuels reduction work, recreation management, and natural cottonwood/willow re-establishment.
Private Property Habitat Restoration Project Socorro County, private land, 45 acres of active floodplain and bordering upland area Save our Bosque Task Force New Remove and control non-native vegetation and encourage the generation of a mosaic of native vegetation to replace it.
Effect of Exotic Fuelwood Removal on Groundwater Levels in the Middle Rio Grande Bosque Middle Rio Grande USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station Ongoing Measure changes in groundwater levels before and after the removal of exotic woody fuels and determine if removal of exotics has a significant effect on groundwater levels along the Rio Grande.
FY06 Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP): Outreach Section Middle Rio Grande Bosque School Ongoing Provide citizens, primarily K-12 students and their teachers an opportunity to learn about the bosque ecosystem by participating in long-term monitoring of key ecological and hydrological variables.
A Field Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the Middle Rio Grande Bosque Middle Rio Grande Drylands Institute Ongoing Provide a comprehensive source of information on local Bosque flora and fauna with photos and information on geographical distribution, habitat associations and ecological role.

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