Rio Grande by A. Molles
Middle Rio Grande Bosque Initative: FY 2005 Projects
Bird Populations, Nesting Success, and Habitats Before and After Fuel Removal and Exotic Plant Removal of 12 Riparian Sites along the Middle Rio Grande Southern Albuquerque to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station New Monitor vegetation, bird populations, and nesting success at various sites following fuel removal and compare these data with pre-removal data. Project will provide information on how to implement fuel removal projects while protecting biological diversity.
River Bar Biodiversity Studies: Aerial Insects, Vegetation Structure and Bird Habitat - Part III Lower Angostura Reach University of New Mexico/Natural Heritage New Mexico continuous since 2003 Study will broaden the comparative biodiversity studies of river bars and bosque in the Middle Rio Grande to include aerial insects and vertical vegetation structure as important components of bird habitat.
Bosque Hydrology Group, FLO-2D Workgroup Middle Rio Grande U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service continuous since 1996 Coordinate and synthesize hydrologic data within the Middle Rio Grande as they relate to the restoration of the bosque and maintain web page for information distribution. Coordinate Bosque Hydrology Group and FLO-2D Workgroup.
Distribution, Relative Abundance, and Tree/Shrub Selection of the Beaver (Castor canadensis) of the Middle Rio Grande: Management Implications of a Keystone Species San Juan Pueblo to Lemitar University of New Mexico New Determine distribution, relative abundance and plant preference of beavers in the Middle Rio Grande. In addition, college and high school students will receive training in wildlife managements as it applies to beaver research.
Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP): Science Section Middle Rio Grande Bosque University of New Mexico/ Bosque School continuous since 1998 Long term ecological monitoring using an outreach approach for participants to understand the changing dynamics of the Middle Rio Grande riparian forest.
Bird and Vegetation Community Relationships: a 21-year comparison Middle Rio Grande Bosque Hawks Aloft, Inc. continuous since 2003 Comprehensive reanalysis/ assessment of avian abundance and richness relative to vegetation communities along the Middle Rio Grande compared to that found 21-years ago.
Save Our Bosque Task Force, Conceptual Restoration Plan, Implementation, Monitoring and Adaptive Management Program Development Socorro County Save Our Bosque Task Force New Convene a series of three workshops to develop a monitoring program and promote interest among Federal, State, and local agencies to serve on the Adaptive Management Workgroup for the Socorro Valley.
Monitoring the Effects of Wildfire on Avian, Arthropod, and Plant Communities along the Middle Rio Grande Middle Rio Grande USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station New Monitor successional responses in exotic and native vegetation, bird populations and nesting success, and arthropod community composition at multiple burned sites in the bosque.
Monitoring Trends in the Breeding Populations of Raptors and Owls in the Middle Rio Grande Corridor (Year 3) Middle Rio Grande Bosque Hawks Aloft, Inc. continuous since 2002 Conduct a complete survey of the population of breeding raptors and owls to determine species composition and breeding pair density, monitor active nests for success, productivity, food habits, habitat characteristics, and disturbance factors.
Monitoring of Rio Grande Silvery Minnow downstream of Ft. Craig, New Mexico, including the Elephant Butte Temporary Channel, Elephant Butte Delta, and Elephant Butte Reservoir Southern Middle Rio Grande U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service/Fishery Resources Office New Determine presence, survival, growth, and seasonal movements of RGSM and other fish associated with the Elephant Butte temporary channel, reservoir and delta; identify and characterize river habitats associated with these areas.
Cienega Creek Watershed Alliance Riparian Restoration Cienega Creek/Blue Horse property and Canorita de los Bacas Reservoir Dam El Rancho de las Golondrinas: A Living History Museum New Restore 2,100 feet of in-stream and riparian habitat and 2 acres of emergent and open water wetlands.
BYCC - Vegetation and Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Albuquerque Bosque/Atrisco and Central NW Tree New Mexico New Bosque Youth Conservation Corps will enhance the health of a 55-acre section of the bosque by reducing fire fuels, constructing bird houses and nesting structures, and collection of baseline data for newly established plots of native vegetation.
Rio Rancho Area Bosque Improvement Project Rio Rancho Bosque Friends of Rio Rancho Open Space, Inc (FORROS) New Restore and enhance bosque and associated sand bars and wetlands along the Rio Grande to improve wildlife habitat, reduce fire danger, improve water quality and increase public awareness.
Effect of Exotic Fuelwood Removal on Groundwater Levels in the Middle Rio Grande Bosque Albuquerque to Bosque del Apache USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station New Measure changes in groundwater levels before and after the removal of exotic woody fuels and determine if removal of exotics has a significant effect on groundwater levels along the Rio Grande.
Feasibility Study and Development of Bosque Restoration and Maintenance Technician Training Middle Rio Grande Indio-Hispano Academy/Agricultural Arts and Sciences New Conduct a feasibility study and begin development of a training program for bosque restoration and maintenance technicians. The program will be developed as to replicate it throughout the state.
Santo Domingo Bosque Improvement Project Santo Domingo Tribal Lands Santo Domingo Tribe New Increase habitat diversity through rehabilitation of 24-acres of bosque within Santo Domingo Tribal lands. Tasks will include removal of non-native vegetation.
Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP): Outreach Section Middle Rio Grande Bosque School 7th year Provide citizens an opportunity to learn about the bosque ecosystem by participating in long-term monitoring of key ecological and hydrological variables.
Educators Training/Support for the Bosque Education Guide Middle Rio Grande Bosque Corridor Friends of the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park continuous since 2001 Focus is on the Bosque Education Guide production and kits, training courses for educators, outreach to educators via a newsletter, and support of web page.
A Field Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the Middle Rio Grande Bosque Middle Rio Grande Drylands Institute New Provide a comprehensive source of information on local Bosque flora and fauna with photos and information on geographical distribution, habitat associations and ecological role.
Update to the Bosque Biological Management Plan Middle Rio Grande Rio Grande Restoration continuous since 2001 Publishing -- Middle Rio Grande Ecosystem Bosque Biological Management Plan-The First Decade: A Review & Update

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