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Middle Rio Grande Bosque Initative: FY 2003 Projects
Time Frame
Water Use by Middle Rio Grande Phreatophytes, Monitoring the contributions of Russian Olive, Saltcedar, and Cottonwood Middle Rio Grande Bosque Corridor University of New Mexico 1998-2003 Study to determine annual evapotranspiration (ET) rates for native and non-native riparian plant communities; assess the effect of flooding on annual ET; evaluate inter-annual variability in ET; and contribute calibration parameters to the Middle Rio Grande water budget.
Bosque Hydrology Group, FLO-2D Workgroup Middle Rio Grande U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service continuous since 1996 Coordinate and synthesize hydrologic data within the Middle Rio Grande as they relate to the restoration of the bosque and maintain web page for information distribution. Coordinate Bosque Hydrology Group and FLO-2D Workgroup.
River Bar Vegetation Mapping: Extent and History in the Albuquerque Reach Albuquerque reach University of New Mexico, New Mexico Natural Heritage Program Continuous since 2002 Development of a map of river bar vegetation with an analysis of current bar configuration and extent in a historical context.
River Bar Biodiversity Studies: Aerial Insects, Vegetation Structure and Bird Habitat Middle Rio Grande University of New Mexico, New Mexico Natural Heritage Program 2003 Study will broaden the comparative biodiversity studies of river bars and bosque in the Middle Rio Grande to include aerial insects and vertical vegetation structure as important components of bird habitat.
Restoration of Native Riparian Flora Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge Texas Tech University 1997-2003 Research project to provide requisite knowledge to maximize native riparian flora recruitment on active river floodplain and on controlled flooding areas outside the floodplain.
Jardines del Bosque Research Station: Urban Ecology on the Rio Grande, 2003 Middle Rio Grande National Hispanic Cultural Center of New Mexico continuous since 2001 Establishment of a Research Center located within the Cultural Center facility and adjacent 12-acre bosque site that will serve as an outdoor laboratory and study center for the community to learn and research the wildlife and natural habitat of the bosque.
Middle Rio Grande FLO-2D Model Support Middle Rio Grande Tetra Tech, Inc continuous since 2002 Provide calibration and detailed model application of the Middle Rio Grande FLO-2D model that will be used to predict overbank flooding and floodwave attenuation on the Middle Rio Grande. Model results will aid in restoration planning.
Habitat Requirements of the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher in the Middle Rio Grande Valley (Year 2) Middle Rio Grande University of New Mexico continuous since 2002 Assess the habitat requirements of the southwestern willow flycatcher to better understand the endangered bird's nesting and territory selection process.
Methods for Restoring a Sustainable Mesic Grass and Herbaceous Component to the Middle Rio Grande Riparian Ecosystem Middle Rio Grande bosque sites near Rio Grande Nature Center State Park and CIty of Albuquerque Candelaria Wetland Friends of the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park 2003 Mesic habitat associated with Bosque meadows offers specific habitat for wildlife. This study will develop methods for re-establishing mesic-grassland in the bosque.
Riparian Restoration of Abandoned Irrigated Farmland along the Middle Rio Grande Polvadera, NM Ross Coleman 2003 Establish an experimental protocol for the riparian restoration of abandonded irrigated farmland and create a working model with associated wildlife and societal benefits.
Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP): Science Section Middle Rio Grande Bosque University of New Mexico/Bosque School continuous since 1998 Long term ecological monitoring using an outreach approach for particiants to understand the changing dynamics of the Middle Rio Grande riparian forest.
Monitoring Program & Outreach for the Conceptual Restoration Plan for the Rio Grande from San Acacia to San Marcial, NM Middle Rio Grande from San Acacia to San Marcial, NM Socorro Save Our Bosque Task Force continuous since 2002 Project will consolidate existing restoration and rehabilitation plans along with the existing biotic and abiotic information for the Rio Grande "active" floodplain reach from San Acacia to San Marcial, NM.
Bird and Vegetation Community Relationships - a 21-year comparison Middle Rio Grande Bosque Hawks Aloft, Inc. 2003 Comprehensive re-analysis/ assessment of avian abundance and richness relative to vegetation communities along the Middle Rio Grande compared to that found 21-years ago.
Monitoring Trends in the Breeding Populations of Raptors and Owls in the Middle Rio Grande Corridor (Year 2 Funding Request) Middle Rio Grande Bosque Hawks Aloft, Inc continuous since 2002 Conduct a complete survey of the population of breeding raptors and owls to determine species composition and breeding pair density, monitor active nests for success, productivity, food habits, habitat characteristics, and disturbance factors.
Restoration Monitoring of the Pueblo of Santa Ana Bosque Restoration Pueblo of Santa Ana Pueblo of Santa Ana continuous since 2001 Wildlife and vegetation monitoring program to assess changes associated with the Pueblo's bosque restoration efforts.
Save Our Bosque Task Force/Socorro County Bosque Rehabilitation/Protection Project Middle Rio Grande Corridor/ Socorro County Socorro Save Our Bosque Task Force Continuous 1997 Exotic species control/fuels reduction in and around cottonwood and willow stands between San Acacia Dam and the north boundary of Bosque del Apache NWR, using manual and mechanical treatment and individual herbicide application.
Los Lunas River Park Project Los Lunas bosque Tree New Mexico, Inc. Continuous since 2001 Restoration and establishment of a mixed-use River Park area along the Rio Grande.
Saltcedar Control - NAWCA Area Phase II Bosque del Apache NWR Bosque del Apache NWR 2003 Restoration of 200 acres of degraded saltgrass meadow habitat will be improved through saltcedar control using a combination of methods utilizing herbicide/burn and mechanical control and subsequent surface and sub-surface water management to regenerate saltgrass vegetation.
Restoration of the Pueblo de Cochiti Bosque Cochiti Pueblo Pueblo de Cochiti continuous since 2001 Restoration project to protect and rehabilitate the bosque enhancing the biodiversity and ecological resources within the boundaries of the Pueblo de Cochiti.
Brush Removal and Fire Break Project Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge continuous since 2001 Removal of salt cedar growing along the Rio Grande and creation of fire breaks to help preserve the larger, mature cottonwoods in wetland area of Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge.
Friends of Rio Rancho Open Space, Inc. - Bosque Improvement Project Rio Rancho Bosque Friends of Rio Rancho Open Space, Inc. 2003 Remove non-native vegetation from the bosque within Rio Rancho and perpetuate growth of native habitat, flora, and fauna for approximately 150 acres (long term). This grant is for the initial phase and restoration of approximately 5 acres.
Bosque Rehabilitation Rio Grande Valley State Park City of Albuquerque continuous since 2001 Restore bosque sites through: fuel reduction, removal of non-native trees and jetty jacks; planting of native under-story species which are absent; restore and repair burned areas; monitoring of newly planted species; and maintenance of non-native vegetation. This grant will concentrate on the acreage affected by the Atrisco and Montano July 2003 fires.
Rio Grande Valley State Park Burned Area Revegetation Rio Grande Valley State Park NM State Forestry 2003 Burned area seeding project on the 265 acres affected by the Atrisco and Montano July 2003 fires.
Educators Training/ Support for the Bosque Education Guide Middle Rio Grande Bosque Corridor Friends of the Rio Grande Nature Center Continuous since 2001 Focus is on completion of the Bosque Education Guide development, guidebook production and kits, training courses for educators, outreach to educators via a newsletter, and establishment and support of web page.
The Rio Grande Ecology Institute….at the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park Rio Grande Nature Center Friends of the Rio Grande Nature Center continuous since 2000 Summer program designed for high school sophomores and juniors to study the biology, hydrology, water management, aquatic ecology and endangered species of the bosque.
Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP): Outreach Section Middle Rio Grande bosque Bosque School/ University of New Mexico continuous since 1998 Provide citizens an opportunity to learn about the bosque ecosystem by participating in long-term monitoring of key ecological and hydrological variables.
Student Ecology Research Project Middle Rio Grande Bosque Corridor New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science continuous since 2000 Provide research education and experience for 48-60 students from schools within the Middle Rio Grande. Project will provide training opportunities in aquatic and terrestrial ecology, research techniques, and design and implementation of long-term monitoring sites in each community.
Restoring the Middle Rio Grande: A Community Action Plan Middle Rio Grande Valley, NM Rio Grande Restoration continuous since 2000 Action Plan focuses on community education and outreach to inspire positive and effective action for the river, with an emphasis on communication, collaboration, and creative problem solving.
The BIG Picture: A Quarterly Newsletter of the Middle Rio Grande Bosque Initiative Middle Rio Grande Kathleen A. Grassel 2003 Design, research, write, and publish a comprehensive eight-page quarterly newsletter, reporting on MRGBI/BIG projects.
Santo Domingo Tribe Bosque Improvement Initiative Santo Domingo Pueblo Santo Domingo Tribe continuous since 2002 Provide community education about the bosque (including native trees, habitat, wildlife, and river ecology) in order to promote a healthy ecosystem.

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