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Golden Eagle Release
Golden Eagles released. Photo Credit: Les Stukenberg

Arizona Game and Fish Department' Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center released 3 Golden Eagles into the wild -

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Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle. Photo credit: USFWS.

Rehabilitated Golden Eagle Soars Again!

Permitted rehabilitator, Dennis Miller of Gila Wildlife Rescue in Silver City, NM, received in an adult female golden eagle now named "Thor" that crashed into a moving vehicle at 60 miles per hour and amazingly survived.  Prior to release, Dale Stahlecker, on behalf of New Mexico State University, attached a satellite transmitter to the eagle, which provides location data daily showing movement of the bird.  Thor has been spending the summer in northern Alaska, which indicates she probably hatched in that area several years ago. 

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Golden Eagle  
Golden Eagle. photo credit: USFWS.  

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Determines Permit for Limited Take of Golden Eagles Would be Compatible With Their Preservation

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has completed an amended Final Environmental Assessment and amended Finding of No Significant Impact regarding the issuance of a permit to the Hopi Tribe for take of nestling golden eagles in northeastern Arizona for tribal religious purposes.

The Amended Final Environmental Assessment (EA) and the Amended Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) documents are available for review. Both documents are here for reading or download.





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West Nile Virus
Detecting new, emerging and introduced diseases and maintaining long term surveillance of domestic disease problems affecting wild birds
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Bald Eagle Nestlings
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Male Rufous Hummingbird
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