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Federal Aid of the Southwest Region


The Region 2 (Southwest Region) handles a variety of state grant programs, ranging from the more than half-a-century-old Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs, to relatively recent additions such as State Wildlife Grants.

Approximately $100 million in federal funding is awarded each year through the nine grant programs to eligible state agencies in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Thanks to successful partnerships forged decades ago, the public continues to benefit from fish and wildlife conservation, management and restoration efforts in the southwest.


coastal marina
After many of the improvements with use of the Federal grants and matching funds were completed, members of the public were invited to tour the marina. Today the rejuvenated Corpus Christi Municipal Marina is an outstanding example of how the Boating Infrastructure Grants can be used. Photo credit: P. Davidson.

Federal Grant Programs Key to Coastal Marina’s Renovation​

​​March 2015
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Southwest Region works with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to provide grants under the Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) program and Clean Vessel Act (CVA) program to support boating access infrastructure and boat sanitation reception facilities in Texas. Both of these grants were key in orchestrating a major renovation effort at the Municipal Marina in Corpus Christi, Texas. With federal grants as seed funding, the Superintendent at this Texas marina was able to garner matching funds and begin implementing improvements at the marina. CVA funds were used to install pump-out units. BIG funds were used to provide amenities for boaters and to construct additional docks. After implementing clean facilities and pollution abatement practices, the Corpus Christi Municipal Marina received the first “Clean Marina” designation in the State of Texas.

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WSFR celebrates 75th anniversary  
Credit: USFWS.  

USFWS Wildlife and Sports Fish Restoration Program Has Generated $14 Billion for Conservation from Hunters and Anglers

The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service has released a landmark publication celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program, the cornerstone of fish and wildlife conservation in North America. This vital program provides more than $700 million each year through the sale of hunting and fishing equipment to support habitat conservation and outdoor recreation projects across the nation.

History of success

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Projects on the spot!!

Draft Environmental Assessment for the Tiger Muskie Stocking Project in Lake Carl Etling Cimarron County, Oklahoma.
Comments due by March 1, 2016.
 Please submit comments to Kelly_Oliver-Amy@fws.gov.

Draft Environmental Assessment for the Rock Lake State Fish Hatchery Expansion Project, Phase II, Guadalupe County, New Mexico.  Comments due by February 12, 2016.  Please submit comments to Kelly_Oliver-Amy@fws.gov.

Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for AGFD Proposed Construction of the Second Knoll Target Range Lakeside Ranger District, Apche-Sitgreaves National Forest, Navajo County, Arizona

Finding of No Significant Impact for the Black Canyon Dam and Recreational Facilities Improvements, Navajo County, Arizona

Finding of No Significant Impact for Boating Access Facilities Improvements, Agua Fria Conservation Area, Lake Pleasant, Arizona

horned sheep
Photo credit: USFWS

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