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Although teaching the public how to fish is one goal of the Aquatic Resource Education Program, developing outdoor ethics, stewardship and conservation is its underlying mission.

As populations become more urban, fewer people are being introduced to the sport of angling. Through Aquatic Education programs, children and others not only acquire fishing skills, they also gain a better understanding of how aquatic ecosystems function and the importance of enjoying, protecting and conserving America's natural resources. Volunteer instructors play an important role in the program's success by teaching courses, serving as mentors and contributing millions of dollars annually in volunteer services.


Funding for Aquatic Resource Education was made available to the states starting in 1984. States spend up to 15 percent of their annual Sport Fish Restoration apportionment on aquatic education training programs, including aquatic ecology, aquatic resource management, safety, fishing and conservation ethics.


National Average Annual
Sport Fish Restoration Funding:  $39.8 million
No. of Youth Anglers:  17 million

For general information contact:
Nicole Jimenez - Arizon and New Mexico
Aquatic Education Grant Manager
505-248-7466 / fax: 505-248-7471
email: Nicole_Jimenez@fws.gov

Susan MacMullin - Oklahoma
Aquatic Education Grant Manager
505-248-7476 / fax: 505-248-7471
email: Susan_MacMullin@fws.gov

LeAnne Bonner
Aquatic Education Grant Manager
505-248-7459 / fax: 505-248-7471
email: LeAnne_Bonner@fws.gov

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Aquatic Education
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