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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) has developed and approved the final Oil and Gas Industry Conservation Plan (ICP) for the American burying beetle (Nicrophorus americanus: ABB) to increase the efficiency of compliance with the Endangered Species Act (ESA) of 1973, as amended, while promoting conservation of the ABB. The ICP describes a process whereby applicants can be issued a permit that authorizes take of the endangered ABB that may occur incidental to the otherwise lawful activities described here if they meet certain requirements and agree to comply with certain actions, terms and conditions. The effective date of the ICP is May 21, 2014.

Range update for the ABB - click here for more information

 Updated with Self-Certification Option (see below)

Total take (in acres) allowed under the ICP: 32,234
Current take (acres) issued through Individual Project Packages under the ICP: 402
Industry Conservation Plan and Environmental Assessment
You should utilize the Service's Eligibility Determination document below to help with deciding whether your project, or projects, may be eligible for an Endangered Species Act (ESA) section 10(a)(1)(B) permit under the ICP. The ICP is designed to cover oil and gas related activities that overlap with ABBs and their habitat within Oklahoma. If eligible, the Eligibility Determination document will inform you of the next steps.


Individual Project Packages (IPP)

After receiving your Permit and before project initiation, Permittees are required to submit IPPs for Covered Activities occurring in the Planning Area. Section 7.2.1 of the ICP provides additional information on IPPs. These IPPs must be approved by the Service for use under the issued Permit prior to initiation of Covered Activities.

Individual Project Package Checklist

Documents associated with the Individual Project Package:

Self-Certification Option for Individual Project Packages

For those Individual Project Packages that require no additional Service review, a self–certification option is available. If your project meets the following criteria, it is eligible for self-certification:

  • Assumed ABB presence for the entire project area
  • All habitat/soils impacted by the project are considered suitable for ABBs
  • All impacts are identified as permanent, as defined in the ICP
  • All mitigation is in accordance with the mitigation ratios in the ICP and is completed prior to habitat impacts
  • All project-specific impacts and mitigation must be described in the IPP and Annual Report
  • All applicable items identified in the IPP Checklist will be provided with your self-certification

Projects that meet the above criteria do not need further Service review and are eligible for self-certification.

If you have determined your project meets the self-certification requirements, please follow these steps:

  1. Review and complete the IPP checklist along with a complete IPP (above)
  2. Complete and sign the IPP self-certification letter
  3. Submit your complete IPP checklist, associated documents and self-certification letter to abb_icp@fws.gov with SELF CERTIFICATION in the subject line.
Additional documents related to the ICP

Information contained in the ICP is based on the best scientific and commercial data available at the time of its development. It is possible that new scientific and commercial data will become available, which will result in relevant documents being updated on this website. The following documents reflect the Services latest guidance related to the ICP and ABBs.

Comments Received: Service Response to Public Comment (Appendix to EA)

Project Reviews

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Critical Habitat
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General Info:
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Communication Towers
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• Approved Surveyors
• How to be a Surveyor (PDF)
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Additional Documents
• Endangered Species Act, Regulations, Handbook, etc.

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