Guanica Bay/Rio Loco

Watershed Partnership Initiative

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About the Watershed
Conservation Actions
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Partnership Accomplishments 2010 - 2014


Total Contribution $6,608,070.00

*NGO's and Academia Includes: Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, Envirosurvey Inc., Univ. of Puerto Rico, Ridge to Reef Inc., Univ. of Miami, Protectores de Cuenca, Cafi Cultura Puertorriqueña Inc., and Center for Watershed Protection Inc.

**Coral Reef Conservation Initiative (CRCI) : funds from NOAA and USDA managed by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF)

Upper Watershed

  • 3,273 acres restored to reduce erosion and sediment in the Coffee Region
  • 23,806 native trees delivered to over 45 farms
  • 15 acres restored using the hydroseeding techniques in 7 farms

Lower Watershed

  • 6,600 linear feet of irrigation water conveyance
  • 4 irrigation Water Reservoirs
  • 3 sediments and runoff control basin
  • 8,880 linear feet of open channels
  • Restoration of Guanica Lagoon (in progress) and Guanica Treatment Wetlands (in progress)

Community Grant Program (CGP)

(NOAA), USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) have developed the CGP funding opportunity to projects that will help the natural resources in the GB/RL. At present CGP have been granted twelve project through non-governmental organization, academia and individuals.