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Our Mission

Is to efficiently achieve voluntary habitat restoration on private lands, through financial and technical assistance, for the benefit of Federal Trust Species.

Frequently Asked Questions

USFWS inspecting the land.

What is the Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program?

Through voluntary agreements the Partners program provides expert technical assistance and cost-share incentives directly to private landowners to restore fish and wildlife habitats.

What is the landowner’s role?

A simple phone call or letter initiates the process. The landowner works one-on-one with a local Service biologist to develop a project plan addressing the goals and objectives of the landowner and the Service to benefit fish and wildlife species on his/her land.

To implement a project, a cooperative agreement with a minimum duration of 10 years is signed. The landowner is reimbursed after project completion, based on the cost-sharing formula in the agreement.

USFWS working with partners.

What are the benefits?

For the landowner: Fulfilling habitat conservation goals on the land by working one-on-one in partnership with the local Service biologist.

For the species: Restoring important habitats on private lands that may result in the recovery of Federal trust species.

Who can participate?

Any privately-owned land is potentially eligible for restoration. For purposes of this program, "privately-owned" means land not owned by a State or the Federal Government. For additional information go to http://www.grants.gov and search key words "Partners for Fish & Wildlife program, or contact us.