U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Ecological Services

Southeast Region

International Sea Turtle Conservation


Over the past five years, the Service, Southeast Region, has actively pursued the following activities:


  • Investigating linkages between Atlantic Ocean threats and U. S. nesting populations of loggerheads and establishing partnerships to address identifiable threats with appropriate countries such as Canada, Portugal, and Spain


    Ensuring that reauthorization of the Marine Turtle Conservation Act of 2009 includes amendments that expand support for all turtle species in foreign countries


    Establishing a conservation partnership program from Senegal to Angola to conserve West Africa leatherback populations.


    Providing leadership and technical and financial support to establish a Caribbean-wide network of nesting beach monitoring sites for the Caribbean hawksbill population that encompasses at least 50% of important nesting beaches.


For additional information about the International conservation of sea turtles see: http://www.conservation.org/discover/about_us/programs/Pages/seaturtles.aspx