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Information for Educators


Distance Learning and Virtual Birding

Virtual Birder - virtual birding trips and quiz 
Junior Duck Stamps and Duck Stamps available online


Educational Outreach Programs

Shorebird Sister Schools
International Migratory Bird Day
Jr. Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program (PDF site)

Education Resources

South Atlantic Migratory Bird Initiative (SAMBI)
Partners in Flight Guide to Bird Education Resources
Habitat Fun Packs
Cats Indoors!
US Fish and Wildlife Migratory Bird Fact Sheets
Migatory Bird Management Program
Hunting and Migratory Birds
Shade-Grown Coffee
Urban Treaty
US Fish and Wildlife Brochures on Migratory Birds for the following brochures:
Migratory Songbird Conservation
Attract Birds
Homes for Birds
Backyard Bird Feeding
Backyard Bird Problems
Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center fact sheets
Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Citizen Science Projects

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