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Funded Project Reports - Southeast Region Inventory & Monitoring Network

All reports are formatted in Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon and listed alphabetically by refuge name.

Coordinator Refuge Project Title RFP Year
James Harris Atchafalaya NWR Forest Habitat Evaluation FY2011
Daniel Breaux Big Branch Marsh NWR Pine Savannah Restoration Monitoring (160KB) FY2011
Sarah Dawsey Cape Romain NWR Comprehensive Shorebird Surveys on Front Beach Habitats (72KB) FY2011
Nancy Jordan Carolina Sandhills NWR Inventory of Frog Species in the South Carolina Sandhills (75KB) FY2011
Scott Simmons Clarks River NWR Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Data Acquisition (62KB) FY2011
Stephen Gard Dahomey NWR Inventory and Monitoring of Vernal Pools FY2011
Kimberly Hayes Harris Neck NWR Monitoring Productivity, Dispersal, and Habitat Restoration in the Wood Stork Colony FY2011
Carla Mitchell Logan Cave NWR Groundwater Quality Monitoring (88KB) FY2011
Randy Cook Lower Hatchie & Hatchie NWRs Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Topography Survey (68KB) FY2011
Jeffrey Herod Loxahatchee NWR Standardized Protocol Development for Detecting and Assessing Aquatic Invasive Species (88KB) FY2011
Mike Hoff Mackay Island NWR Population Dynamics of the King Rail (76KB) FY2011
Scott Hereford MS Sandhill Crane NWR Assessing Wet Pine Savanna Response (80KB) FY2011
David Krementz Multiple Refuges Monitoring Climate Change Effects on Waterfowl in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley (89KB) FY2011
David Richardson Multiple Refuges Mobile Acoustical Bat Monitoring (99KB) FY2011
Haven Barnhill Multiple Refuges Forest Habitat Inventory Equipment (64KB) FY2011
Michael Keys Multiple Refuges Developing Fire Histories using LANDSAT Imagery and MTBS Protocols (73KB) FY2011
Nicole Rankin Multiple Refuges Measuring Sea Level Rise Across the SALCC (106KB) FY2011
Jean Richter Roanoke River NWR Inventory and Establishment of Continuous Forest Inventory Plots FY2011
Marc Epstein Santee NWR Comprehensive Baseline Inventory of Reptiles and Amphibians FY2011
Glenn Constant St. Catherine Creek NWR Aquatic Habitat Assessment in the GCPOLCC (75KB) FY2011
Stephen Gard Tallahatchie NWR Crayfish, Herp, Mussel and Minnow Sampling (207KB) FY2011
Jeff Denman White River NWR Streamline Data Analysis of Habitat Parameters from Desired Forest Conditions Inventories (48KB) FY2011
Jeff Denman White River NWR Flood Impacts to Forested Plots (44KB) FY2011


Last updated: June 13, 2014