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Five-year Reviews for Federally Listed Species

  • Species are listed alphabetically by taxa. Status is designated as either Endangered or Threatened.
  • Species in the process of being reviewed are listed in gray.
  • All completed five-year reviews are in PDF format.
  • What are five-year reviews? Learn more.

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Golden Coqui Endangered
Flatwoods Salamander Threatened
Guajón or Puerto Rican Demon Threatened
St. Croix Ground Lizard Endangered




Interior Least Tern Endangered
Bachman's Warbler Endangered
Cahow or Bermuda Petrel Endangered
Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow Endangered
Everglades Snail Kite Endangered
Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Endangered
Florida Scrub-Jay Threatened
Northern Crested Caracara Endangered
Puerto Rican Broad-Winged Hawk Endangered
Puerto Rican Nightjar Endangered
Puerto Rican Parrot Endangered
Puerto Rican Plain Pigeon Endangered
Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Endangered
Wood Stork Endangered




Benton County Cave Crawfish Endangered
Hell Creek Cave Crayfish Endangered
Kentucky Cave Shrimp Endangered
Squirrel Chimney Cave Shrimp




Alabama Sturgeon Endangered
Bayou Darter Threatened
Boulder Darter Endangered
Conasauga Logperch Endangered
Duskytail Darter Endangered
Gulf Sturgeon Threatened
Okaloosa Darter Endangered
Ozark Cavefish Threatened
Pygmy Madtom Endangered
Pygmy Sculpin Endangered
Relict Darter Endangered
Slackwater Darter Threatened
Slender Chub Threatened
Smokey Madtom Endangered
Snail Darter Endangered
Vermilion Darter Endangered
Waccamaw Silverside Threatened
Watercress Darter Endangered
Yellowfin Madtom Threatened




Saint Francis’ Satyr Threatened
Schaus Swallowtail Endangered




Alabama Cave Shrimp Endangered




Alabama Beach Mouse Endangered
Anastasia Island Beach Mouse Endangered
Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel Endangered
Choctawhatchee Beach Mouse Endangered
Florida Panther Endangered
Florida Salt Marsh Vole Endangered
Key Deer Endangered
Key Largo Cotton Mouse Endangered
Key Largo Woodrat Endangered
Louisiana Black Bear Endangered
Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit Endangered
Perdido Key Beach Mouse Endangered
Red Wolf Endangered
Rice Rat Endangered
Southeastern Beach Mouse Threatened
St. Andrew Beach Bouse Endangered
West Indian manatee Endangered




Alabama Moccasinshell Threatened
Appalachian Elktoe Endangered
Arkansas Fatmucket Endangered
Birdwing Pearlymussel Threatened
Black Clubshell Endangered
Carolina Heelsplitter Endangered
Chipola Slabshell Threatened
Coosa Moccasinshell Endangered
Cracking Pearlymussel Threatened
Cumberland Bean Endangered
Cumberland Elktoe Endangered
Cumberland Monkeyface Endangered
Cumberlandian Combshell Endangered
Dark Pigtoe Endangered
Dromedary Pearlymussel Threatened
Fat Pocketbook Mussel Endangered
Fat Threeridge Endangered
Fine-Lined Pocketbook Threatened
Finerayed Pigtoe Endangered
FlatPigtoe Endangered
Green Blossom Endangered
Gulf Moccasinshell Endangered
Littlewing pearlymussel Endangered
Louisiana Pearlshell Mussel Threatened
Ochlockonee Moccasinshell Endangered
Orange-Nacre Mucket Threatened
Oval Pigtoe Endangered
Ovate Clubshell Endangered
Oyster Mussel Endangered
Pale Lilliput Endangered
Purple Bankclimber Threatened
Ring Pink Endangered
Seavy Pigtoe Endangered
Shiny Pigtoe Endangered
Shinyrayed Pocketbook Endangered
Southern Acornshell Endangered
Southern Clubshell Endangered
Southern Combshell Endangered
Southern Pigtoe Endangered
Stirrupshell Endangered
Tan Riffleshell Endangered
Tubercled Blossom Endangered
Turgid Blossom Endangered
Triangular Kidneyshell Endangered
Upland Combshell Endangered
Speckled Pocketbook Endangered
Yellow Blossom Endangered




Adiantum Vivesii Endangered
Alabama Canebrake Pitcher-Plant Endangered
Alabama Leather Flower Endangered
American Hart's-Tongue Fern Threatened
Apalachicola Rosemary Endangered
Aristida Chaseae Endangered
Aristida Portoricensis (pelos del diablo) Endangered
Auerodendron Pauciflorum Endangered
Avonpark Harebells Endangered
Bariaco Endangered
Beach Jacquemontia Endangered
Beautiful Pawpaw Endangered
Black Spored Quillwort Endangered
Blue Ridge Goldenrod Threatened
Bunched Arrowhead Endangered
Brauns Rockcress Endangered
Brittons Beargrass Endangered
Brooksville Bellflower Endangered
Canby's Dropwort Endangered
Carter's Mustard Endangered
Catesbea Melanocarpa Endangered
Chapman's Rhododendron Endangered
Cook's Holly Endangered
Cooley's Meadowrue Endangered
Cooley's Waterwillow Endangered
Crenulate Leadplant Endangered
Cumberland Rosemary Threatened
Cumberland Sandwort Endangered
Daphnospsis Helleriana Endangered
Deltoid Spurge Endangered
Dwarf-Flowered Heartleaf Threatened
Elaphoglossum Serpens Endangered
Elfin Tree Fern Endangered
Etonia Rosemary Endangered
Florida Bonamia Threatened
Florida Golden Aster Endangered
Florida Perforate Cladonia
Florida Skullcap
Florida Torreya Endangered
Florida Ziziphus Endangered
Four Petal Pawpaw Endangered
Fragrant Prickly Apple Endangered
Fringed Campion Endangered
Garber's Spurge Threatened
Garrett's Mint Endangered
Gentian pinkroot Endangered
Gesneria Pauciflora Threatened
Geocarpon Minimum Threatened
Godfrey's Butterwort Threatened
Goetzea Elegans Endangered
Golden Sedge
Hairy Rattleweed Endangered
Harper's Beauty Endangered
Harrisia Portoricensis Threatened
Heller's Blazing Star Threatened
Highlands Scrub Hypericum Endangered
Key Tree-Cactus Endangered
Lakela's Mint Endangered
Lewton's Polygala Endangered
Little Amphianthus Threatened
Longspurred Mint Endangered
Louisiana Quillwort Endangered
Lyonia Truncata Var Proctorii Endangered
Lyrate Bladderpod Threatened
Mat Forming Quillwort Endangered
Miccosukee Gooseberry Threatened
Mitracarpus Maxwelliae/M. Polycladus Endangered
Mountain Golden Heather (Hudsonia Montana) Threatened
Mountain Sweet Pitcher Endangered
Morefield's Leather Flower Endangered
Nogal or West Indian Walnut Endangered
Okeechobee Gourd Endangered
Palma de Manaca Threatened
Palo de Ramon Endangered
Papery Whitlow Wort Threatened
Peperomia Wheeleri Britton Endangered
Persistent Trillium Endangered
Pigeon Wings Threatened
Polystichum Calderonense Endangered
Pondberry Endangered
Pygmy Fringe-Tree Endangered
Pynes Ground Plum Endangered
Relict Trillium Endangered
Rock Gnome Lichen Endangered
Rugel's Pawpaw Endangered
Ruth's Golden Aster Endangered
Sandlace Endangered
Schweinitz's Sunflower Endangered
Scrub Blazingstar Endangered
Scrub Buckwheat
Scrub Lupine Endangered
Scrub Mint Endangered
Scrub Plum Endangered
Seabeach Amaranth Threatened
Short-Leaved Rosemary Endangered
Shorts Goldenrod Endangered
Small's Milkpea Endangered
Smooth Coneflower Endangered
Snakeroot Endangered
Spreading Avens Endangered
Springcreek Bladderpod Endangered
Tectaria Estremerana Endangered
Telephus Spurge Threatened
Tennessee Yellow-Eyed Grass Endangered
Thomas Lidflower Endangered
Tiny Polygala Endangered
Vahl's Boxwood Endangered
Vernonia Proctorii Endangered
White Birds in a nest Threatened

White-Haired Goldenrod



Wide-Leaf Warea Endangered
Wireweed Endangered




American Crocodile Endangered
Atlantic Salt Marsh Snake Threatened
Bluetail Mole Skink Threatened
Culebra Island Giant Anole Endangered
Eastern Indigo Snake Threatened
Puerto Rican Boa Endangered
Sand Skink Threatened
Virgin Island Tree Boa Endangered




Noonday Globe Threatened
Anthony's Riversnail Endangered
Cylindrical Lioplax Endangered
Flat Pebblesnail Endangered
Lacy Elimia Threatened
Painted Rocksnail Threatened
Painted Snake Coiled Forest Snail Threatened
Plicate Rocksnail Endangered
Round Rocksnail Threatened
Royal Marstonia Endangered
Slender Campeloma Endangered
Stock Island Tree Snail Threatened
Tulotoma Snail Endangered




Leatherback Sea Turtle Endangered
Green Sea Turtle Endangered &Threatened
Hawksbill Sea Turtle Endangered
Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle Endangered
Leatherback Sea Turtle Endangered
Loggerhead Eea Turtle Threatened
Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Endangered
Ringed Map Turtle Threatened


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