Saratoga National Fish Hatchery
Mountain-Prairie Region
Saratoga Species and Production: (Photos clockwise from left) Raceways inside the hatchery, Eggs from spawning, Lake trout

Currently, Saratoga National Fish Hatchery produces trout and trout eggs for production hatcheries to fill needs for Federal, State, and Tribal waters across the Nation. The broodstock trout species being reared at the hatchery are lake, brown, and rainbow trout. These trout help to replenish and encourage sustainable fish populations and provide angling opportunities for recreational users.

Rainbow troutAs the aquatic habitat changes due to natural (drought, flood, habitat destruction) or human (over-harvest, pollution, habitat lost to development and dam construction) influences, the natural production of fish declines. Stocking of these trout is one of the many management strategies used by biologists to help replenish the populations for years to come.

To meet trout production demands, the hatchery facilities include 37 raceways and 16 tanks that are fed by a series of springs and wells. Facilities also include a toad-rearing room for the endangered Wyoming toad.


Last updated: July 1, 2015