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The Refuge is anticipating low water levels on River 'S' Unit during the fall.

River 'S' wetlands are irrigated by a series of electric pumps. Powerlines that serve the pumps are buried underground for over a mile. During the start of this season's irrigation, the pumps experienced a total power failure. Ultimately, thousands of feet of buried powerline have significantly degraded with time. Until permanent repairs can be implemented, Refuge pumps are operating via temporary powerline splices and supplemental generators. These temporary measures will reduce the pumping system's efficiency and capacity. Therefore, the Refuge is anticipating low water levels on the River 'S' into the fall. Levels will resume to normal once prolonged precipitation saturate the soils and naturally fill wetland basins.


Three Waterfowl Hunting Reservation Application Periods

Applications for advanced reservations for waterfowl hunting will be accepted for for the following three hunt periods: Hunt 1, hunt dates in October/November; Hunt 2, hunt dates in December; and Hunt 3, hunt dates in January. There are no early or late season waterfowl hunting periods on the refuge.

Applications must be received at the Ridgefield NWR office (not postmarked) by close of business on the due date for each of the three hunt periods. The due dates are as follow: September 15 for Hunt 1, November 14 for Hunt 2, December 15 for Hunt 3. Reservation result cards will be issued to all applicants regardless of success. Submission of the application does not guarantee selection. Applications are computer processed and selections are made randomly. The Application Form may be reproduced, however only one application will be allowed per person per hunt period. Please consult the Refuge Hunting Calendar for valid hunting days during the waterfowl season.

Hunt Period: Hunt Days in: Applications Due:
Hunt 1 October - November September 15
Hunt 2 December November 14
Hunt 3 January December 15

Instructions for Submitting a Hunt Reservation Application:

(1) Print a copy of the Application Form from this website.

(2) Fill in your name, address, and telephone number completely and clearly in the appropriate boxes on the Application.

(3) For each hunt, write in up to ten choices of reservation dates in the ten boxes provided on the Application. Use the month and day (mm/dd) format in the boxes. Remember, refuge hunt days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays excluding Federal Holidays and statewide closure dates. Please refer to the Refuge Hunt Calendar to avoid selecting a date that is not open to hunting. Submit a separate Application Form for each hunt period, Application Forms containing dates from multiple hunt periods may not be processed. Note: there is no advantage in the the program to enter a single date multiple times.

(4) You may only submit one Application Form per person per hunt period. Duplicate applications will be rejected.

(5) Enclose your Application Form in an envelope with the appropriate application fee of $1.00 per date selected on the Application Form. Please note that application fees are non-refundable and must be paid via personal check or money order. Make checks payable to the "U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service". DO NOT SEND CASH! If you have multiple applications from one household, you may submit them all with one check.

(6) Affix postage on the envelope and send to: Ridgefield NWR Waterfowl Hunt, PO Box 457, Ridgefield, WA 98642. Applications can be delivered in person to 28908 NW Main Avenue, Ridgefield, WA, 98642 during business hours.

(7) Reservation results will be mailed back to you no later than two weeks after each deadline. Please do not contact the refuge office before then, as this will slow down the notification process. If you have not received a result card by the second week after the application deadline, please Contact Us directly for your results.

(8) Reservations will be valid only until 1-3/4 hours before legal shoot time on the day of the reservation. Hunters with reservations who check in at the hunter check station later than 1-3/4 hours before legal shoot time will forfeit their reservation number and select last after other reservation hunters. Reservation holders arriving after the start of the standby lottery may select a blind from those remaining after the standby hunter lottery.

IMPORTANT! - Check your application carefully. The computer will reject duplicate applications and those with errors or missing information. Applications received without the application fee will not be processed. Should this occur, our staff will make a reasonable attempt to contact you in order to process your application in time. Hunting reservation permits are NOT TRANSFERRABLE.

Good luck!

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Last updated: September 3, 2014