Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge
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GeoAdventure - Recreation/Education

GeoAdventure is a free group activity kit that includes a GPS unit and a bag of clues, designed for ages 12 and up. Available for Biology or Archaeology.

A Group Adventure 

GeoAdventure is a fun way for your scout troop, church group, club or family to:

  • Learn to navigate with a GPS unit
  • Practice your detective skills with a bag of clues
  • Discover more about Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge
  • Learn about local Biology or Archaeology

GPS units can be checked out for the activity.

Scout Badges

Going on a GeoAdventure can help you earn Boy Scout Merit Badges or Girl Scout Award Badges. Here are a few examples of badges you can work towards with GeoAdventure:

Girl Scout Badges:
Hi-Tech Hide and Seek
Digging Through the Past
All About Birds
Boy Scouts Badges:
Bird Study
Insect Study
Fish and Wildlife Management


Please call to schedule a time..
To schedule your GeoAdventure, email or call
Josie Finley






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Last updated: April 25, 2011