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An environmental education (EE) committee of Refuge staff, the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership, Educational Service District 112, Columbia Gorge Refuge Stewards, and local retired teacher volunteers has developed an educational program geared toward fifth grade science curriculum. To supplement visits to the Refuge for environmental education, an Educator's Guide to the program is available at the end of this website. Additionally, the Refuge offers an Educators’ Workshop to acquaint teachers and volunteers with the Refuge's education program, activities, and facilities. Those attending the Educators’ Workshop will also receive great tips for planning a successful field trip to the Refuge.

Registration is required for all field trips, and there is no charge. To schedule a trip, download an Educational Visit Request Form and send to Jim Clapp, Refuge Manager, at

Educator Training Opportunities

The EE committee is pleased to be able to offer educational opportunities to teachers and volunteers. Learn from our excited and knowledgeable trainers information that can be shared with your students while on their field trip to connect them with the outdoors in an educational atmosphere. The next educator's workshop is August 21st. For more detail, view the Teacher's Workshop Flyer.

Teachers who attend this workshop are eligible for assistance from volunteers who have also attended the workshop. They also are available for receiving educational clock hours.

For more information about the training or education program, including scheduling Educational Visits, please contact Jim Clapp at (360) 835-8767 or

Educator Materials

The links below present the Educator's Guide to the Steigerwald Lake as individual chapters.

To the Educator

Chapter 1
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Steigerwald Lake NWR
Seasons/Habitats/Birds at the Refuge

Chapter 2
Environmental Education
Some Basic Ecological Concepts
Refuge Assistance and Facilities
Study Areas on the Refuge
Making Reservations (See Also Appendix A)
Planning a Field Trip
Checklist for a Successful Field Trip
Group Management Hints
Prompts and Quick Activities
Guidelines for Refuge Field Trips
Medical Considerations

Chapter 3
A History of Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Chapter 4
A selection of optional activities to help prepare students for a Refuge visit.

Chapter 5

Discussion point and a resource guide to help interpret the Gibbons Creek Wildlife Art Nature Trail. (See also Appendix D)

Chapter 6
An introduction to the Educational Field Notebook (See also Appendix B & C).

Chapter 7
A selection of activities to support bird studies and adaptations.

Chapter 8
A selection of activities to support bird migration.

Chapter 9
A selection of activities to support wildlife habitat and plant communities.

Chapter 10
A selection of post field trip activities to support your Refuge experience.

Teacher Resources

Appendix A
Educational Visit Request Information and Form

Appendix B (1.3 MB)
Teacher Field Notebook

Appendix C
Student Field Notebook

Appendix D (3.9 MB)
Nature Walk Resource Guides

Appendix E
Tips for Teachers

Other Resources.....

Sample Field Trip Agendas

Field Trip Tricks of the Trade - Ideas to keep it fun, simple and colorful!

Adjusting Your Binoculars




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