National Wildlife Refuge System

9754 143 ½ Ave. S.E.
Cayuga, ND, 58013
Phone: 701-724-3598


Trail Information

  • Length: 0.73 Miles
  • Grade: Steep
    • GENTLE SLOPE: average slope 0% to 5%
    • MODERATE SLOPE: average slope 5% to 8%
    • STEEP SLOPE: slope of 8% or more
  • Cross Slope: 2.5
    • Cross slope is the grade that is perpendicular to the direction of the trail. Cross slope information is most useful to wheelchair users. Wheelchairs are very difficult to drive or maneuver on steep cross slopes. A cross slope of less than 3% provides maximum accessibility.
  • Surface: Mowed

Special Features

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National Wildlife Refuge

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Last updated: October 28, 2010