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Las Vegas
National Wildlife Refuge

This photo montage is comprised of images of a scenic vista, a rock  home ruin on the Gallinas Nature Trail, a visitor birdwatching, and a yellow-headed blackbird.
Route 1 Box 399
Las Vegas, NM   87701
Phone Number: 505-425-3581
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Common scenes at Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge.
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  Wildlife Observation and Photography
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Drive the 8-mile auto tour through the heart of the refuge at any time of the year. The drive forms a horseshoe loop along State Highway 281 and Country Road 23. You'll pass ponds, lakes, marshes, grasslands, brush thickets, and cottonwood groves. Be alert for wildlife at any point along the way. McAllister Lake Waterfowl Management Area, owned and managed by New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, lies within the refuge and forms the southern end of the tour loop.

During November, a 4 1/2-mile wildlife drive offers access to parts of the refuge closed the rest of the year to protect wildlife.

Gallinas Nature Trail

The sweet song of a canyon wren trails off somewhere above you. Cliff swallows dart out from sandstone bluffs towering 200 feet overhead. If you can, bring binoculars and a camera on this half-mile round-trip. You'll descend into a strikingly beautiful canyon. The trail is open only on weekdays. You must first pick up a permit at the refuge office between 8 am and 2 pm.

Please stay on the trail and use caution. Snakes and old ruins can be a hazard. Children should never put their hands or feet in places they cannot see.

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