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  Environmental Education
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The refuge has an indoor classroom with a capacity for 50 students, as well as and four designated outdoor study sites for use by groups wishing to conduct environmental education. Each study site is designed to provide nature walks, studies in aquatic ecology, and a seating area. A curriculum is available on request.

Environmental education is facilitated by a support group called Friends of Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, as well as AmeriCorps volunteers, Student Conservation Association volunteers, and other volunteers. Spring activities include pond studies, an activity called Create A Refuge, and classroom presentations/activities. Fall activities under the theme of Earth and Sky help school children understand how the indigenous people integrated with the natural world through activities such as making tule mat lodges, storytelling, root gathering techniques and hunting games.

Staff efforts are focused on training teachers. Workshops are offered annually for teachers leading self-conducted classes. Refuge staff also work with Eastern Washington University faculty and students at the Turnbull Laboratory for Ecological Studies. Please contact the refuge for assistance in planning field trips and any other environmental education activities.

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