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Saddle Mountain
National Wildlife Refuge

64 Maple Street
Burbank, WA   99323
E-mail: hanfordreach@fws.gov
Phone Number: (509) 546-8300
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  Wildlife and Habitat

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Hanford Reach National Monument/Saddle Mountain Refuge lies adjacent to approximately 18 miles of the last free-flowing stretch of the Columbia River east of Mattawa in eastern Washington's Grant County. This shrub-steppe region is characterized by low precipitation and seasonal temperature extremes.

Dominant vegetation includes big sagebrush, Sandberg's bluegrass, cheatgrass, and gray rabbitbrush. One of only three cactus species native to the state, Opuntia polyacantha, is also present on the refuge. The refuge lies at an elevation below 900 feet and has very little vertical relief other than the noteworthy White Bluffs along the Columbia River. The refuge includes the Fitzner/Eberhardt Arid Lands Ecological Reserve and the former McNary Islands in the Columbia River.

Wildlife abounds in this harsh landscape. Rare is a trip along the river that doesn't produce mule deer, coyotes, bald eagles, great blue herons, or white pelicans. A large elk herd hides in the canyons, and incredibly, porcupines are a common sight. Rare plants defy the drought, wind and heat. Beautiful spring wildflower displays delight the visitor who venture into the field.

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