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Fergus Falls
Wetland Management District

Hen duck on nest with downy feathers around her.
18965 County Road 82
Fergus Falls, MN   56537
E-mail: fergusfallswetland@fws.gov
Phone Number: 218-739-2291
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The Fergus Falls Wetland Management District boasts some of the highest densities of breeding waterfowl in Minnesota.
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Interspersed throughout this open landscape was an abundance of wetlands in every shape and size imaginable. This "prairie pothole country" was a literal duck factory - producing mallards, blue-winged teal, canvasbacks, and other waterfowl by the millions.

Agricultural changes to the landscape included the loss of most native prairie and the drainage of over 80 percent of the small wetlands. District staff are working to restore, protect and manage wetlands and their associated prairie.

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