For boundless opportunities to discover nature in all its splendor, national wildlife refuges are unsurpassed. From all parts of the globe, about 44 million visitors flock to nature's treasure troves each year.

The National Wildlife Refuge System's extensive trails, boardwalks, observation decks, hunting and photography blinds, fishing piers and boat launches offer great opportunities to learn and have fun. Click on the photos below to find out just where to go.

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Sandhill Granes HH Resurrection Bay, Alaska HH Greater sandhill crane at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Oregon
Here’s a sampling of some super refuge drives to whet your appetite for the wonders of wildlife. More . . . HH Resurrection Bay, Alaska. More . . . HH Greater sandhill crane at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon. More . . .
Credit: Marvin DeJong HH Credit: Ronald Laubenstein HH Credit: Roger Baker, USFWS
Afraid of Nature? Who You? HH Monarch Migration Trail HH
Dispelling fears of nature - here's how refuge rangers do it. More . . . HH Five Super Stops on Monarch Migration Trail More . . . HH
Credit: USFWS HH Credit: John Holmes/USFWS HH