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Use of Refuge Cabins

Wellsley CabinPhoto shows Jacob Timm @ Wellesley Cabin

Beginning FY 16, Tetlin Refuge will institute a new cabin reservation protocol which will be more equitable and fair to the public.  

Beginning next FY, and only for those interested in using one of the Refuge administrative cabins during the moose hunting season (generally 24 August-end of September or whatever the season is from year to year), applications for a specific cabin must be received or postmarked no later than 120 days in advance of the opener. Applications can be picked up at the Refuge HQ or, upon request, mailed to those outside the Tok commuting area. Three periods of use for each cabin will be offered, the length of which will be contingent upon the length of the moose season each year. A lottery for each cabin will determine who will receive first and second choices.    

For all other periods during the year, the existing reservation system currently being used will remain in effect with minor changes. Essentially, periods of use will be limited to fourteen (14) continuous days and will be available first come, first served beginning October 1 of each year. Please call the Refuge to coordinate a reservation (907-883-9400).

The primary purpose of these cabins is to support Refuge field operations. However, every attempt will be made to accommodate requests for reservations. These cabins cannot be used for commercial use.  Additionally, the cabins may be unavailable 1 November through 30 April (beginning 1 November 2015) due to the ongoing lynx research. Contact the Refuge Manager for further details. 

Last Updated: Jan 05, 2016
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