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Youth in the Outdoors

September 27th, 2014Youth in the Outdoors Biking

This year will be the third annual Youth in the Outdoors event at Seney NWR. It will be held Saturday, September 27th, so save the date! There will be 9 different activities to choose from which include mini sessions, long sessions, and half day sessions. If you have kids, grandkids, friends with kids, or are a kid, and you want to participate, please look over the available activities. Be sure to cut out the attached registration form and return it to the Refuge. Pre-registration and a $5 registration fee are required.  

All activities are geared toward kids in upper elementary school or older (approximately age 7 and up). Please help your kids choose sessions appropriate to their abilities.
*Only 12 kids per session. Spots are limited*

SCOUTS: Some of these sessions may help meet badge requirements and some of those requirements are listed under the session descriptions – you may find more connections.
Abbreviations are as follows: WCS – Wolf Cub Scout; TCS – Tiger Cub Scout; BCS – Bear Cub Scout; WEB – Webelos; BS – Boy Scouts; BGS – Brownie Girl Scout; JGS – Junior Girl Scout

Youth will need to bring a sack lunch the day of the event, lunch is not provided. 

Session Information


Mini Sessions:

Owl Pellet Dissection
Get your tweezers ready, this mini session will have you dissecting owl pellets! Pick apart an actual owl pellet. Learn how to identify the contents to see what is on the menu. Take home your findings to show your family and friends!   

BCS – Bear Trail 5d, 10a 


Outdoor Cooking
Food always tastes better when cooked in the great outdoors! Here is a chance to try out several different methods and recipes. Mmmmm yummy. 

BGS – Read, Set, Go Camping 3, JGS – Outdoor Cook 1, 3, & 5; BCS – Bear Trail 5d, 9g, 10a, 12d 

Step right up and take your best shot. This session will give youth a chance to hone their skills regardless if they’re a novice or an expert archer. Youth will learn to shoot like the pros after a discussion on safety and equipment. Bows and other equipment are provided. 

WCS – Elective 20a, Arrow Point Trail 20c, BS - Archery 1, 2, 3, 5; JGS – Sports Sampler 4, Your Outdoor Surroundings 5 


Digital Nature Photography
Join a local nature photographer to work on different skills, techniques, ideas, and approaches to outdoor/ wildlife photography. Supplies are limited, so participants should bring their own cameras. This is not a course for new camera users. Must have basic understanding of how to use a camera. 

BS – Photography 1-4, Mammal Study 4b, JGS – Your Outdoor Surroundings 5, 9, Wildlife 2, Camera Shots 4; BCS – Bear Trail 5d, 10a, 12d, Arrow Point Trail 11a, 11b; TCS – Let’s Go Outdoors 5g; WCS – Wolf Trail 10c 


Long Sessions:

Art Outdoors
Calling all artists! Youth who enjoy art will love this activity. Join an experienced artist and learn new techniques for illustrating the world around you. Take home your masterpiece to show family and friends!
WEB – Artist 1 & 3; BCS – Bear Trail 5d, 10a, 12d, Arrow Point Trail 9a, 9c; JGS Outdoor Creativity 1, Your Outdoor Surroundings 5, Drawing & Painting 2,6

Chocolay Birds of Prey
Get up close and personal with live birds of prey. Talk with an expert who rehabilitates and cares for these birds. Learn about raptors and what makes them top hunters. 

BCS – Bear Trail 5d, 10a, 12d; JGS – Wildlife 4 


Tracking & Trapping  

This is a chance for youth to spend a little time with an experienced trapper and learn a few tricks of the trade. Youth will explore beaver, muskrat, and otter habitat and be introduced to how and where to set traps to effectively catch these species. Youth should bring boots to keep your feet dry in shallow water and outerwear that will keep them comfortable for that days weather conditions. 

BS – Mammal Study 3 & 4, Nature 4, BGS – Watching Wildlife 1; BCS – Bear Trail 5d, 10a, 12b, 12d; TCS – Let’s Go Outdoors 5g; WCS – Wolf Trail 10c; JGS – Your Outdoor Surroundings 5, 9 


Half Day Sessions:

Pond & Stream Safari
Life below the water is fascinating. This session will take youth to two different aquatic habitats to collect and investigate aquatic insects, crustaceans, mollusks and other invertebrate life. Youth will need to bring waders and/ ora change of clothes and shoes. Youth should also bring drinking water and outerwear that will keep them comfortable for the weather conditions. 

WEB – Naturalist 4 & 11; BCS – Bear Trail 5d,10a, 12d; JGS – Water Fun 8, Wildlife 4 

GPS Scavenger Hunt
Youth interested in exploring the Refuge in search of geo-caches will love this session. Youth will learn how to use a simple GPS unit and then lean how to locate different geo-caches made special for Youth in the Outdoors. Work through different mini activities at each cache to find clues to the next one! This activity involves long distance hiking. Youth should bring comfortable shoes and clothes to keep them comfortable for that day’s weather condition.  

WEB – Athlete 5e; BCS – Bear Trail 5d, 10a, 12b, 12d; TCS – Let’s Go Outdoors 5g; WCS – Wolf Trail 10c; JGS – Your Outdoor Surroundings 5, 9 



Please print your registration materials here. 

If you need help please contact April Payne at 906-586-9851 x 15 or email

Page Photo Credits — Biking at Youth in the Outdoors - Jan Barrett/USFWS
Last Updated: Aug 23, 2014
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