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Timber Point EA

Timber Point EA by Steve NorrisAn environmental assessment to assist the refuge in making decisions about the structures at Timber Point was reviewed by the public in October. This is part of the process required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

The Process:

Under the National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA, federal agencies are required to make a series of decisions and evaluations that anticipate the effects on environmental resources whenever they propose an action, issue a permit, or agree to fund an action. An environmental assessment, or EA, is often used to document that evaluation.  Involving the public is a part of the NEPA process.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service prepared an EA to evaluate proposals for managing buildings at Timber Point. The EA details four alternatives which differ in their proposed future use of the buildings at the property. The 30-day public comment period for the EA closed on October 31, 2014. During the month of October, the Service conducted three public open houses of the buildings on Timber Point, along with two public meeting sessions.

Next Steps

All comments will be compiled, and a response to them will be prepared in a separate document, which will be posted to this Web site when it is completed. Those comments will inform the final recommendation. We anticipate a final decision will be made about the buildings and structures at Timber Point by the end of December 2014.

As we progress through the NEPA process, updates will be posted on this site. We thank those who provided feedback and comments about the EA.

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Page Photo Credits — View from Timber Point by Steve Norris
Last Updated: Nov 02, 2014
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