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Public Use at Timber Point

Public Use at Timber Point

Timber Point, a 98-acre peninsula, and 13-acre Timber Island border the Litter River Estuary and the Atlantic Ocean. Please enjoy the activities below during daylight hours.


Timber Point Trail

Enjoy hiking along the 1.4 mile scenic trail for wildlife viewing and photography. The trail will take you past fringing salt marsh, cattail marshes, a mixed deciduous forest, mudflats, shrublands, and rocky shores. Visit the maps page for the trail map.

Canoe and Kayak

The Little River at the end of Granit Point Road, Biddeford, ME is one of the approved areas within Rachel Carson NWR where non-motorized canoes and kayaks can launch and land in support of wildlife observation and fishing during daylight hours only. Please be mindful that while traveling through the refuge we ask that you remain in your boats and do not venture onto land which is vital habitat for migrating birds and other creatures. Please plan ahead and know the tides, as much of the marsh is not navigable during low tide. Marine charts will help identify the main channels and prevent you from getting lost in the maze of creeks and channels. 

Guided Nature Walks

Volunteers will lead guided nature walks along Timber Point Trail on Fridays and Sundays at 8 AM through September 1, 2013. Please bring your binoculars, walking shoes, and an open mind to engage with nature at Timber Point.

Coming soon…

Hunting access and fishing opportunities – Check back later for updates about hunting (archery only) and fishing at Timber Point.



Page Photo Credits — View from Timber Point © Steve Norris
Last Updated: Aug 13, 2013
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